How to Instantly Generate Twitter Thread Ideas With PixieBrix

This article discusses how you can install and use a prebuilt PixieBrix extension from the Marketplace to generate Twitter thread ideas.

How to Instantly Generate Twitter Thread Ideas With PixieBrix

Used effectively, Twitter can be a powerful way to drum up interest in whatever it is you’re doing. Whether you’re a content creator, a social media manager, or you just get a kick out of building an online following, you know that Twitter threads can get a lot of attention. If you write something that’s just the right mix of interesting and insightful, your follower count will skyrocket.

But what do you do when you can’t think of a single idea for a thread?

Well with PixieBrix, you can automatically generate these ideas without leaving Twitter. Here’s how it works.

What is PixieBrix?

PixieBrix is a low-code platform you can use to build browser extensions that customize your online experience, automate your work, or just make your life a bit easier. You can create intelligent overlays that make the tools you use every day more interactive in specific contexts, streamline processes that go through multiple tools, and accelerate boring manual work.

With PixieBrix’s marketplace, you can use pre-made bricks to get started that much faster. Some of the most popular bricks include sending Slack messages, pushing data to Zapier, automatically adding Google Sheet rows, and more.

Now let’s dive into how PixieBrix can feed you awesome Twitter thread ideas.

Generating Twitter thread ideas with PixieBrix

With this extension from PixieBrix, you’ll get a contextual menu in Twitter that keeps your next great idea just a right-click away. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Install the PixieBrix extension

The first thing you’ll want to do is go to and sign up for a free PixieBrix account.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to install the PixieBrix browser extension through Chrome’s Web Store.

After installing PixieBrix, you’re ready to add the Twitter thread idea extension to your browser.

Step 2: Find and install the Twitter thread idea extension

PixieBrix’s marketplace is where you’ll find all sorts of pre-built extensions you can use to get more out of the websites and tools you use every day. There, you’ll find both bricks and blueprints. Think of bricks as the building blocks you can use to create your own browser extensions, while blueprints are made up of multiple extensions that work together to achieve a certain goal.

For this extension, you’ll want to go and find the Twitter Ideas blueprint on the PixieBrix marketplace.

From there, click on + Activate. You’ll get this screen. ↓

Since this blueprint only has one extension, you’ll want to leave it selected. If you were using a multi-extension blueprint, you could deactivate the ones that don’t line up with what you’re trying to do. For now, just click on Next Step.

In this screen, you’ll see the permissions the Twitter Ideas extension will need to run. When you’ve reviewed them, just click Activate.

Your browser will ask you to give PixieBrix these permissions. Click on Allow. Once you’ve done that, you should see this:

This means you’ve successfully installed the blueprint and it’s time to go try it out.

Step 3: Go to Twitter and try it out!

Now go to your Twitter account and create a new tweet.

Right-click on the “What’s happening?” box.

Now, your right-click menu will have an option called Twitter ideas. Click on it to run your PixieBrix blueprint.

And just like that, you get an instant idea for a Twitter thread! Just replace the placeholders with what you want to write about, then you can copy and paste the whole thing into your tweet.

No more banging your head against the keyboard.

What else can you do with PixieBrix?

PixieBrix has bricks and blueprints for just about any tool you can think of. Some of them are as simple as the Twitter Ideas blueprint, while others can be to streamline workflows across multiple teams and tools. Here are just a few examples of the things you can do with PixieBrix:

PixieBrix is a flexible tool that anyone can use. Even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, you can use pre-built bricks and blueprints to quickly upgrade your browser experience and make whatever you need to do much easier. And if you know your way around programming logic, the sky’s the limit
Sign up for a free PixieBrix account and see what you can build!