Component Reader

Extract data from a front-end component (e.g., React, Vue, Ember, etc.)

How to Use

After adding the Component Reader brick, check under the framework tab to see if one of them is detected, either showing version or unknown version.

Once a framework is detected, use the selector input to define what to pull information from, either using the button or by manually entering JQuery. In the preview tab to the right you can check what information is read from the currently selected component.


As some websites don’t use these frameworks, there are many different versions of the usable frameworks, and different websites use them differently, there are many pages where this brick won’t work, in which case other readers such as the JQuery Selector Reader can be used instead.


Name Required Type Description
optional boolean Whether or not the selector is always available
selector string CSS/jQuery selector to select the HTML element that corresponds to the component. Or, leave blank to use root context.
framework string
traverseUp number Traverse non-visible framework elements


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.


ID @pixiebrix/component-reader
Author @pixiebrix
Version 1.7.0
Created Sept. 23, 2021
Updated May 26, 2022