Create Jira Issue

by @pixies

Creates a new bug or task in your Jira backlog

How to Use

Before using Jira related bricks, create an integration under the PixieBrix integrations tab. Each integration takes the base URL of that Jira project (ex: and an Atlassian API token from Multiple projects can use the same integration if the base url is the same and the account associated with the API token (account that created it) has permission to post to use those projects.

Once you have an appropriate integration, make note of the project key, which is part of the url of the project, between something like ‘projects/’ and ‘/boards’. When adding a Jira brick, set the integration to the integration of the project you want to send to and set the project key to that project’s key. The ‘type’ field currently can be set to Bug or Task. The ‘summary’ field sets the name of that bug or task, and the description field sets the description.


Name Required Type Description
jira multiple
type string Type of issue (case sensitive)
labels array Labels to add to issue
summary string Summary/title of issue
projectKey string Project key
description string Description on issue
additionalFields object Any additional fileds to add to the issue


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.





Sept. 29, 2021


May 26, 2022