Soccer Sidebar

by @okay


Shows soccer players info in the sidebar. Highlight their name with mouse on any page, and launch using the quickbar

How to Use

With PixieBrix's Soccer Sidebar, you can quickly fetch player profile data about any soccer player and visualize it in the sidebar panel. This includes information such as date and place of birth, current team, height, weight, social media links, and more.

After activating the Soccer Sidebar, you can use it by highlighting any soccer player's name and selecting 🌐 Find this soccer player in the Quickbar. The extension works by sending the highlighted text (e.g. player name) as an input to a public API, and then uses the PixieBrix Sidebar and Render Document brick to display customizable views of the data that is returned.

To use the Soccer Sidebar, you must first configure the Quickbar. It just takes a minute:

⚽ Enjoy!

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April 27, 2022


Jan. 23, 2023