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Improved efficiency and process quality mean big benefits for teams and businesses performing repetitive tasks across web-based apps and websites. PixieBrix's customization features easily scale to meet your needs — big or small.
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From sales to customer service to HR and more, the possibilities to use PixieBrix mods and personalization are endless. Make the web apps you already have work better for you and your team.

Sales operations

PixieBrix helps sales teams accelerate deal-making by helping them access their apps, research prospects, and share relevant content faster.
Rapid actions
Extract, convert, and send sales prospecting, pipeline, and customer data between your apps.
Intelligent overlays
Dynamically display talk tracks, in-context reference customers, battlecards, and content links.
Navigation shortcuts
Reduce wasteful clicks between apps, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Sheets, and LinkedIn.
Real-time charts
Add in-browser sidebars that display pipeline or performance data from CRM or reporting tools.

Call center & customer service

PixieBrix helps improve average handle times and customer satisfaction through shortcuts and process guardrails.
Rapid actions
Extract customer feedback from emails or web forms and share with agents as needed.
Intelligent overlays
Display relevant info from other apps based on the current customer record and help train agents.
Navigational efficiency
Add quickbars or sidebars to link to or display helpful data for agents, such as weather or traffic, from other sites.
Process excellence
Help enforce workflow steps, secure approvals, capture overrides and notes, and monitor actions.

People ops and recruiting

PixieBrix helps people operations readily access vital HR data found in disparate web apps and locations, letting them act faster and improve insights.
Rapid actions
Easily and securely extract and share HR or recruitment data with reporting tools or other apps.
Intelligent overlays
Dynamically present data in context from another HR app, such as job candidate, employee, or function.
Navigational efficiency
Use shortcuts to integrate data from applicant tracking apps with internal reporting, Slack, and other HR apps.
Process excellence
Improve compliance in recruiting, on-boarding, HR approvals, and off-boarding with defined workflows.

Built for business needs and goals

PixieBrix’s browser extension and app personalization platform can easily scale across your organization. And we’re intentional about our design and future roadmap to support real-world business needs.

There are many possibilities for PixieBrix to elevate automation capabilities for teams and organizations. Contact sales to learn more.
Customization versatility

Build on top of existing web apps based on your team’s specific needs. Innovate, iterate, and integrate quickly, without disrupting existing implementations or IT.

Low-code speed

Quickly rollout custom mods by snapping together bricks and adapting quick-start blueprints to suit the way your team needs to more effectively work.

Group deployments

Leverage management features to centrally define access and control automatic mod deployment. Deploy, provision, and monitor in just a few clicks.

Team marketplace

Share your mods across teams via a dedicated internal marketplace that's all your own, making it easier to apply solutions to more use cases.

Reporting and telemetry

Measure the business impact of PixieBrix by monitoring mod usage and custom events. No guesswork involved in the business case.

Enterprise-level security

Security is a top priority at PixieBrix. See our Security & Compliance Overview for more details.

Case study: Achieving 40% higher agent productivity

Resolve is a medical billing advocacy company. They step in for patients with exorbitant medical bills to bring costs down. Agents performed repeated searches for billing contacts and price lists, and copied/pasted data into a spreadsheet. The process was manual, error-prone, and time-intensive. With PixieBrix customizations, Resolve agents can perform multiple web searches with the click of a button, using advanced search parameters to pinpoint data faster. Compiling data is faster and more accurate. PixieBrix highlights the relevant search results on a web page so agents can extract the information and send it to a spreadsheet or database with one click.
“I haven’t come across another solution like PixieBrix. Fast setup, and it gets the job done.”

Brandon Pan, CEO, Resolve

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