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PixieBrix for Customer Service

Customer service teams get pulled into multiple tools and systems to access the information needed to do their job, which weighs on average handle time and customer satisfaction. PixieBrix unifies the customer service journey by bringing relevant content right to the agent, by guiding agent actions to promote process excellence, and by making it easy to share alerts and updates across the team in real time.

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Here are a few examples of how customer service teams use PixieBrix

Rapid Actions

Share data between systems, perform calculations, and automate data entry

  • Extract customer feedback from an email, add comments and tags, and send it to Jira
  • Share correspondence from Zendesk, add a note, and push it to a Slack channel
  • Pull customer information from Salesforce, tag it with context, and trigger an RPA process

Intelligent Overlay

Overlay interactive information that’s context aware

  • Jump from ticket ID in an email to that ticket in another system like Asana
  • Navigate from a customer name in your service desk software to that customer in a different database
  • Shift from a SKU in your system to that same part in the vendors web portal

Navigational Efficiency

Seamlessly navigate between internal and external systems

  • Embed call scripts in the PixieBrix sidebar that update based on account name in your CRM
  • Add geo-automation data, like weather or traffic, based on a zip code inside a service desk application
  • View standard operating procedures (SOPs) inside a ticketing system that update based by customer or other entity

Process Excellence

Modify interfaces, collect telemetry, and create alerts

  • Ensure your team follows a predefined set of steps before approving a transaction or submitting a record
  • Measure the steps of a process to understand its bottlenecks or where errors can occur
  • Capture process overrides and other notes in an audit log

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