Multiply the ROI on intelligent automation

PixieBrix for RPA and Digital COEs

Automation and Digital COEs are tasked with evaluating, adopting, and implementing cutting edge technology to maximize business impact. To support this, PixieBrix increases the ROI of the capabilities you’ve already adopted by improving their UX to better suit your business. Whether you want to extend traditional RPA for attended automation, improve the functionality of a legacy dashboard, or make UX changes to any other web app, PixieBrix can help!

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Our Intelligent Automation Partners

PixieBrix integrates with leaders to create a true attended automation experience

Here are a few examples of how digital and automation teams use PixieBrix

Rapid Actions

Share data between systems, perform calculations, and automate data entry

  • Extract customer data from a CRM, add tags and notes, and send it to a UiPath queue to escalate a ticket or expedite an order
  • Pull a customer record, update the details (e.g., address), and start an RPA process to update corresponding records in additional applications
  • Extract account ID from your help desk software, and start an RPA process that fetches account balance in a financial system

Intelligent Overlay

Overlay interactive information that’s context aware

  • Embed live RPA stats related to a Salesforce object directly in Salesforce Service Console
  • Add a directory of links to slide decks, demos, etc. in the PixieBrix Sidebar for use on any page
  • View docs and help articles into pages where your team often references this content

Navigational Efficiency

Seamlessly navigate between internal and external systems

  • Navigate from an item in one internal tool to a related item in another internal tool
  • Jump from any development environment to the same view in another development environment
  • Shift from a ticket ID in an email to that ticket in another system like Asana

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