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PixieBrix for Sales

Sales teams rely on information that is scattered across multiple tools and screens, which weighs on activity volume and quota attainment. PixieBrix enables sales reps to access relevant content faster, perform research more effectively, and share insights and updates with teammates in real time.

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Here are a few examples of how sales teams use PixieBrix

Rapid Actions

Share data between systems, perform calculations, and automate data entry

  • Share pipeline details from your CRM, add a question or comment, and push it to Slack
  • Extract customer feedback from an email, add comments and tags, and send it to Jira
  • Pull prospect data from an executive database, add notes, and create a record in your CRM

Intelligent Overlay

Overlay interactive information that’s context aware

  • View a list of reference customers that dynamically update based on company site or profile page
  • Embed a script with value props, objection handling, and other talk tracks to reference on any page
  • Add a directory of links to slide decks, demos, and other sales collateral to access on any page

Navigational Efficiency

Seamlessly navigate between internal and external systems

  • Navigate from a record in your CRM to a list of leads in an executive database
  • Jump from an email thread to a LinkedIn search of people on the thread
  • Shift from a service ticket in your IT system to related information in a collaboration tool

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