Demo Videos

See the PixieBrix platform in action from the comfort of your couch

Salesforce Knowledge Base Overlay

Retrieving and overlaying information in Salesforce without Salesforce apps

  • Adding panels
  • Running a search in the background
  • Tracking and showing event analytics
  • Performing actions in other tabs

Healthcare Data Research and Collection

Speeding up research and data collection by enhancing 3rd-party websites

  • Adding buttons and context menus
  • Navigational efficiency using searches
  • Upskilling with advanced search operators
  • Extracting and sending data to a Google sheet
  • Enriching data using APIs

Just-in-time Access via UiPath

Just-in-time access via UiPath unattended automation from any OS

  • Adding a button to Chrome on any OS
  • Triggering an unattended UiPath process via Orchestrator
  • Protecting confidential data using unattended automation
  • Delivering the output of a process
  • Creating an audit log of just-in-time access

Compliance Checklist

Enforce compliance by requiring actions before a user can submit a form or complete a task

  • Show checklist on button click
  • Require steps to continue
  • Detect which steps have been completed
  • User can manually check off tasks
  • Track events in audit log

Processing Traffic Violations

Automate manual steps to process data faster and with built in checks to reduce clerical errors

  • Adding buttons
  • Conditional highlighting
  • Form fill
  • Calling an artificial intelligence API

UiPath Orchestrator Queue

Trigger unattended automation with user input via a UiPath Orchestrator Queue

  • Adding a custom button in Chrome on any OS
  • Showing a popup form with pre-filled context
  • Adding an item to the UiPath Orchestrator queue
  • UiPath unattended bot executes queue transactions

Embed UiPath Apps

Embed UiPath Apps on any website with context

  • Embed a UiPath App in a PixieBrix panel
  • Pass page context to the UiPath App
  • Run attended automation with the UiPath Assistant

Screen Unification

Enrich SaaS applications with panels that display information from outside sources

  • Adding panels and buttons to a page
  • Embedding an iframe with context on the page
  • Embedding API results on a page
  • Speed data capture without leaving page

Adobe Embed API

Fill out a PDF using the Adobe Embed API and the UiPath Assistant

  • Add a button to a webpage
  • Trigger a local UiPath Assistant bot with page context
  • Fill an Adobe Embed API document using PixieBrix

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