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Elevate any web tool to fit the needs of your business

Whether you're making small UX tweaks or automating complex workflows, we've got you covered

Extract text, annotate it, and send it to a third-party service (API, webhook)

Share data between systems, perform calculations, and automate data entry

Example actions:

  • Escalate a case
  • Report a bug
  • Share a sales lead
  • Autofill a greeting
  • Convert a currency

Overlay interactive information that’s context aware

Overlay interactive information that’s context aware

Example overlays:

  • Call scripts
  • Decision trees
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Sales intelligence
  • Onboarding and training materials

Modify interfaces, collect telemetry, and create alerts

Modify interfaces, collect telemetry, and create alerts

Example modifications:

  • Compliance
  • Overrides
  • Audit logs
  • Measurement
  • No call lists

Seamlessly navigate between internal and external systems

Seamlessly navigate between internal and external systems

Example navigation:

  • Review ticket history
  • View customer data
  • Locate a SKU
  • Run a search
  • Switch development environments

See how innovative teams use browser extensibility

PixieBrix improves the web tools you already use to better fit the way your teams work

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Sales Operations

  • Sales intelligence
  • Pipeline collaboration
  • Demand generation
  • Voice of customer
And more...
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Customer Service

  • Call scripts
  • Decision trees
  • Authorization and overrides
  • Onboarding and training
And more...
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  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Incident response
  • Documentation and onboarding
And more...
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Robotic Process Automation & Digital COE

  • Systems integration
  • Attended automation
  • RPA process monitoring
  • Data management
And more...
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Sales Operations
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Customer Service
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RPA & Digital COE


I was looking for a good automation tool for a special use case for quite a long time. I tried many different tools but only with PixieBrix, I was able to implement what I needed.

Headshot of Valeria
Valerie Künst
BD, Remote Control Productions GmbH

The best applications of technology improve upon user experiences and workflows. TaskUs harnesses these experiences to provide our clients with agility and flexibility, and PixieBrix has been one of the key enablers in making our vision a reality.

Headshot of Manish
Manish Pandya
SVP Digital, TaskUs

I started using PixieBrix because it’s a flexible solution to transform web content into what the user actually needs. The perfect solution for last mile delivery of analytics and APIs.

Headshot of Henrik
Henrik Kühnemann
CEO, Yellownape AB

True magic happens when you bring together two great technologies. Centelli partners with UiPath and PixieBrix to deliver seamless, intelligent automation.

Headshot of Rajan
Rajan Gupta
Principal, Centelli

PixieBrix increases our speed of execution, eliminates errors, and helps guide agent actions. It's also quick to implement because it works with our existing software applications.

Headshot of Karoon
Karoon Monfared
COO, BusPatrol

I haven’t come across another solution like PixieBrix. Fast setup, and it gets the job done.

Headshot of Braden
Braden Pan
CEO, Resolve

Built for enterprise

Low code

Low code

Build custom extensions by snapping together bricks. No IT resources necessary

Zero DevOps

Zero DevOps

Deploy, provision, and monitor extensions in just a few clicks

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Team marketplace

Share extensions across teams via an internal marketplace

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Group deployments

Centrally define access and control automatic extension deployment

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Reporting and telemetry

Measure the business impact of PixieBrix. No guesswork involved in the business case

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Enterprise secure

Security is our highest priority. See our Security & Compliance Overview

Learn how Resolve's Patient Advocates use PixieBrix to lower medical bills

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