Enhance any web interface and automate workflows

PixieBrix is a browser extension anyone can use to customize websites and SaaS to fit the way they work

Extract web data

Extract web data

Eliminate copy + paste by extracting data and sending it to Slack, Google Sheets, your CRM, or anywhere else it needs to go

Create custom integrations

Create custom integrations

Enjoy fewer tabs and logins. Interface with multiple tools from a single app

Customize web portals

Customize web portals

Spend less time searching. Enrich your favorite app with relevant information from other services

A browser extension to streamline your work

Demo of PixieBrix being used with LinkedIn, Slack, and Hubspot
Marketplace conceptual illustration

Ready-made Blueprints

Activate ready-made blueprints in our Marketplace to get going in seconds. All blueprints are configurable, so you can customize to fit your use case.

Workshop conceptual illustration

Build Your Own

Design your own building blocks and blueprints from scratch in our Workshop. Our low-code UI enables anyone with a working knowledge of config files to be handy in minutes.

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