We Tried These 5 ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome So You Don't Have To

ChatGPT extensions for Chrome take the work out of coming up with the perfectly right prompt and ensure that ChatGPT is always at your side when you need it.

We Tried These 5 ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome So You Don't Have To

Unless you’ve just returned from a 4-month internet sabbatical on an Italian island where you are only allowed to ride motorcycles, you’ve probably heard of the artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI known as ChatGPT. Maybe you’ve even tried writing some emails with it or asked it to help you start a new business.

Whether it be writing, summarizing, brainstorming, or strategizing, you’ve used ChatGPT enough to know that, although it sometimes lies and also needs to be as delicately prompted as a tempestuous toddler about to try broccoli for the first time, it can still help make your work more efficient. And you’ve realized you can be even more efficient by taking advantage of a few GPT-powered Chrome extensions to use ChatGPT for Chrome.

ChatGPT extensions for Chrome take the work out of coming up with the perfectly right prompt and ensure that ChatGPT is always at your side when you need it. Sounds great, right? Well, literally thousands of these kinds of ChatGPT Chrome extensions have been created since ChatGPT launched in November 2022 — and not all of them are great. So what are the best Chat GPT Chrome extensions? We decided to test a few that had good reviews and share our favorites with you.

What are ChatGPT extensions?

Chat GPT extensions for Chrome are browser plugins powered by artificial intelligence from ChatGPT. They enable users to access various writing and communication tools, such as autocomplete, translation, spell-checking, summarization, grammar checking, and more, without actually opening the ChatGPT webpage. Many of them are focused on improving productivity and writing quality by leveraging the advanced language capabilities of the AI.

There are three main reasons you might use, or even (in some cases) pay to use, a ChatGPT Chrome extension instead of simply using ChatGPT itself:

  • Access products with built-in prompts that have already been tested by designers and AI pros, and harness their power for the exact use case you want.
  • Have the AI powers of ChatGPT always at hand (no need to switch tabs or log in and out).
  • Build on ChatGPT’s basic user interface. Compared to its capabilities, ChatGPT’s user interface is pretty limited. Extensions are a good way to customize the AI to make it easier and more flexible for your everyday web usage.

5 of the best ChatGPT extensions for Chrome

1. ChatGPT » summarize everything!

Download this ChatGPT Chrome extension to summarize any webpage, article, or YouTube transcript with the click of a button. Thanks to this extension, I am now able to “read” the many, many fascinating Substack newsletters I’ve subscribed to instead of simply deleting them from my inbox every morning out of sheer overwhelm.

Each summary appears in the form of a bullet point list, each item paired with a matching emoji. As such, it’s easy and pleasant to read.

It also doesn’t seem to be beholden to any of the usual prompt character limits we’ve encountered with ChatGPT. Here’s what it looks like breaking down a 2,000-word New York Times article.

ChatGPT Chrome extension "summarize everything" summarizes a New York Times article about Donald Trump's indictment.

PS: The emoji it chose for the final bullet point!

This extension also works for YouTube videos, but you have to open the transcript first (which you do by clicking the three dots at the bottom right of a video and clicking “Show Transcript”).

Here’s what a summary of a YouTube video looks like. It’s also factually correct!

ChatGPT Chrome extension "summarize everything" summarizes a YouTube video about boosting Instagram posts.

We would file this extension under one of the best Chrome extensions for YouTube.

The only con of “summarize everything!” (and it’s a minor con) is that it breaks up text in the middle of words sometimes, which takes away from the ease of reading it’s supposed to offer.

2. PixieBrix

Forgive me, but I couldn’t write an article about ChatGPT extensions for Chrome without mentioning PixieBrix. Unlike the other extensions in this article, PixieBrix wasn’t created to exclusively work with ChatGPT, but as an RPA development tool for productivity nerds, it only made sense for us to create some mods using ChatGPT.

A very quick way to get started is to download our Chrome extension, then activate any of our ChatGPT-focused mods:


Basically, with PixieBrix, you get 30+ ChatGPT functions in one Chrome extension (see the rest of our mods in our Marketplace. If you’re an RPA developer, an advanced PixieBrix user, or just really into the world of No Code, you actually get access to an infinity amount of ChatGPT Chrome extensions because you can build any mod you want.

3. TweetGPT

This ChatGPT extension for Chrome helps you write Tweets in a number of different tones, including “snarky” and “pirate.” As someone who struggles to Tweet without spiraling into existential despair, I was excited to try it out.

First, I tried the humorous tone, which did a passable job of making a joke about writing Tweets with the help of AI. If I was a small business owner who had to Tweet regularly or someone less concerned with their image as a clever and ironic person, I could see myself using it.

A Tweet written by ChatGPT Chrome extension "TweetGPT"

The tool leaves “tweetGPT” as a signature on every Tweet, but you can easily erase that before pressing publish.

Next, I tried the “controversial” tone. This time the AI really understood the assignment. Wow. This Tweet could start a war on my Twitter feed (90% emo millennial writers).

A Tweet written by ChatGPT Chrome extension "TweetGPT", this time using a controversial tone.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily Tweet either of these results unedited, I can see this extension being helpful for people who have to Tweet regularly for their jobs and need help coming up with inspiration. Just like ChatGPT itself, it definitely gets rid of the “blank page” syndrome and offers some good ideas.

4. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

If you’ve been looking for a place to store and have quick access to your favorite prompts, this Chat GPT Chrome extension is for you. Get access to public and curated prompts for any number of purposes (including nonfiction writing, speeches, scripts, and more) that have worked for other users, and save ones that have worked for you (or share them with other users by making them public).

It’s kind of like entering a prompt library that has a secret door to ChatGPT. Simply pick a prompt, click “Use this prompt,” and it will open for you in ChatGPT. Then, you only have to fill in the blanks to start writing.

Various prompts available through the ChatGPT extension for Chrome "Prompt Genius"

I tried the public prompt offered for “Stand-up comedian,” and the results were solidly not terrible. I sound just like a middle-aged white guy doing an open mic at YukYuks on a Tuesday evening.

The results of using a stand-up comedian prompt from "Prompt Genius" in ChatGPT

I especially like the part about running in Crocs against Usain Bolt — specificity is funny! However, it must be said: ChatGPT seems to have a pretty high opinion of itself.

Pro tip: This extension also allows you to save your Chat history locally, which is important if you accidentally delete a conversation or lose access to your ChatGPT account.

5. ChatGPT for Google

There’s been a lot of talk about ChatGPT one day potentially replacing search engines like Google. Until it’s actually hooked up to the internet and is able to provide consistently factual results, though, that seems unlikely.

However, there are several ChatGPT Chrome extensions that let you view ChatGPT results alongside Google Search results for the same query. I chose to try this one, ChatGPT for Google, because it had the largest number of reviews (and it’s also very highly rated).

A Google Search results page also featuring results from ChatGPT Chrome extension "ChatGPT for Google" on the right-hand side

TL;DR: this extension definitely enhanced my search experience. I Googled "things to do in Tokyo Japan" — a pretty vague request that both Google and ChatGPT correctly intuited was from the perspective of a would-be tourist (rather than, say, a bored local).

From the screenshot above, you can see that one of the handiest things about the extension is that its results are not cluttered with ads like Google results are. There is some overlap between the recommendations, but ChatGPT’s provide a bit of context, which I found helpful.

However, ChatGPT’s results don’t have images or prices attached to them (that pesky lack of internet connection again), so the Google results are still useful.

Overall, both results lists are high-level, offering recommendations for some of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo. But the thing that escalates this extension from a “nice-to-have” to a “must download” is the ability to continue chatting with ChatGPT as you search in Google.

For example, since I was a bit unsatisfied with the results, I asked it to provide me with recommendations for someone who loves books and coffee. Then I started getting some more unique suggestions that, without erasing my ChatGPT convo, I could use Google to verify and fact-check.

Results of chatting with "ChatGPT for Google" and asking it for more detailed recommendations
More detailed reccomendations from Chrome extension "ChatGPT for Google"

Until ChatGPT is connected to the internet (or until we all start using Bing), I can see this being a super handy ChatGPT for chrome extension.

Watch this video to learn even more ways you can use PixieBrix and AI to be more efficient (and maybe even achieve Leslie Knope levels of productivity) at work.

Have an idea to make ChatGPT or OpenAI work smarter for you? Build your own extension using PixieBrix.