Transform Your LinkedIn Experience

Transform your LinkedIn Sales, Marketing, and Recruiting experience with PixieBrix. Perfect for prospecting, outreach, and engagement.

Transform Your LinkedIn Experience

If you’re reading this, you’re likely using LinkedIn every single day. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business and professionals looking to expand their networks and connect with potentials customers, partners, or even friends. As a daily user, you’re likely utilizing different capabilities within the platform for lead gen, recruiting, research, or networking.

If you’re in the marketing world, LinkedIn can be perfect for lead generation and customer acquisition: identifying potential customers or clients and targeting them with ads to get them to attend a webinar, test your product, or follow your page. Maybe you’re even using LinkedIn to review some of your ABM target to curate more specific content and ads.

As a B2B or B2C salesperson, you’re likely using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for business development with potential prospects on LinkedIn. It offers advanced features to help users to build targeted lists of prospects, get insights about their potential clients, and manage their sales funnel. This social selling helps individuals add a more personal touch to their sales prospecting and find their ideal customer profile.

LinkedIn is also an important tool for relationship building and networking, a key aspect of both sales and marketing and also recruiting. LinkedIn is a perfect platform for connecting building: job seekers can review company profiles and employees while recruiters can find qualified candidates.

So we’ve established how versatile and beneficial LinkedIn can be for different users and functions. But let’s discuss how to improve it with one simple extension: PixieBrix. You’ve probably used all of the LinkedIn Automation Tools but only PixieBrix leverages the power of AI and automation to power productivity and streamline workflows. That means we work where you work. In this case, it’s LinkedIn. PixieBrix is perfect if you want to grow your network on LinkedIn. Check out how our LinkedIn Message Templates can supercharge your LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn Templates


What is it? Our LinkedIn Templates lets you use templates or an AI prompt that you can easily update in Google Sheets for LinkedIn connection requests, messages, and comments, so you can spend more time making meaningful connections to generate leads.

Who is it for? This LinkedIn AI mod is perfect for recruiters compiling candidate info for open roles, marketing folks looking to supercharge their ABM strategy, or salespeople gathering critical info for prospecting and outreach. Perfect for recruiters doing outreach to a wide range of candidates and looking to be more personal, salespeople prospecting customers in their region, or even marketers looking to build partnerships.

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