Run a Google BigQuery query

by @pixiebrix

Run a Google BigQuery query and return the results

How to Use

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Name Required Type Description
multi boolean If set, return an array of results
query string Required. A query string, following the BigQuery query syntax, of the query to execute.
location string The geographic location where the job should run. See details at
projectId string Required. Project ID of the project billed for the query
useLegacySql boolean Specifies whether to use BigQuery's legacy SQL dialect for this query. The default value is true. If set to false, the query will use BigQuery's standard SQL
parameterMode string
useQueryCache boolean Optional. Whether to look for the result in the query cache. The query cache is a best-effort cache that will be flushed whenever tables in the query are modified. The default value is true.
defaultDataset object
queryParameters array


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.





Aug. 17, 2021


May 25, 2022