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Build a secure, empathetic, and collaborative distributed team to support your customers with PixieBrix. Ensure customers receive the utmost level of respect and care, agents follow trust and safety guidelines, and coworkers across the globe work seamlessly across all platforms.
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Assess & assist

Level up your agent empathy with PixieBrix. Customers expect more than ever from support agents, and getting it wrong could impact your bottom line. How you deal with customer issues can be the difference between a lifetime buyer and a one-and-done disappointment. ‘Agent assist’ provides real-time prompts to help contact center agents level up their customer support. With PixieBrix, your agents can provide accurate and relevant answers with an appropriate, nice response.

Secure & safe data

No longer is it just finance and commerce organizations focusing on trust and safety, companies of all sizes and offerings have begun building out teams to ensure customer’s data and experience is secure. Trust and safety teams are focused on resolving harmful scenarios, mitigating risk, and establishing trust between all parties. With PixieBrix, you can ensure your distributed support and success teams are building a culture of care, protection, and respect for privacy. Improve accuracy & compliance and reduce fraud & expensive mistakes.

Consistent, seamless collaboration

With remote work continuing to grow on top of already distributed customer support teams, it’s important to ensure your teams have a coordinated approach to get work done in the digital age. With the growth of SaaS, there are hundreds of applications and services companies can choose from to facilitate their work. Unfortunately, the consistent growth of new tools can lead to disparate communication, poor productivity, and siloed customer data. PixieBrix integrates with your existing tech stack to enable employees to chat, collaborate, and enable processes seamlessly, securely, and quickly.

I wouldn't be surprised if 5 years from now it's commonplace to head to the PixieBrix Marketplace for value-add mods that enrich the user experience on common web applications.
Micah Smith
Developer Evangelist, Automation Anywhere
I started using PixieBrix because it’s a flexible solution to transform web content into what the user actually needs. The perfect solution for last mile delivery of analytics and APIs.
Henrik Kühnemann
Co-founder and CEO, Yellownape AB

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