Run local UiPath process

Run a UiPath process using your local UiPath assistant

by @pixiebrix

What is UiPath?

UiPath is the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. Their platform lets developers build, deploy, and manage software bots that emulate humans actions to automate repetitive, routine work.

Using the Run Local UiPath Process brick

By integrating PixieBrix with UiPath Assistant, you can trigger local automation processes directly from the web browser. You can even pass information from the page as input arguments to the process.

For how the integration works, refer to our documentation: Running local bots via UiPath Assistant

Additional information and resources

PixieBrix can integrate with UiPath in three ways:

  • UiPath Orchestrator API: run UiPath bots with context from the page and deliver the results to the user
  • UiPath Robot.js: same as above, but running a bot locally via UiPath Assistant
  • UiPath Apps: embed a UiPath App on any webpage as a panel, passing context to the App from the page

Refer to our full documentation for how each UiPath integration works: UiPath Integrations Docs


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Name Required Type Description
releaseKey string The local UiPath process id
inputArguments object


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.

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