Knowledge Base Assist

AI Copilot for Customer Success knowledge base (KB) retrieval and management

by @pixies


How to Use

Quickly access everything you need to answer your customer's questions with this sidebar!

Activate the Mod

  1. Activate this mod by clicking this link or by clicking the purple Activate button in the top corner above the gif ^^. (If you're new to PixieBrix, you'll be guided through creating an account and installing the Chrome Extension.)

Try it Out

  1. Open the Sidebar by clicking the PixieBrix icon in your URL bar. (Don't see it? Here's how to pin it.)
  2. By default, this mod is configured to search the PixieBrix knowledge base. Go ahead and ask a question about PixieBrix, such as "how do I share mods?"

  3. Click a result to view in the article in a new tab in the sidebar.

  4. Want to customize with your company's data? Schedule a call with one of our onboarding specialists.

Need help? Head over to the Slack community or shoot an email to our support team.

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