Trello Sidebar & Due Today

Shows cards due today and all cards for a Trello board in the sidebar

by @pixies


View Trello Cards in Sidebar

This mod allows you to view your Trello cards in a sidebar. A table shows the cards due today, and below, you can view all cards on a board.


  • Make sure you have a PixieBrix account! (It's free.)
  • Trello Integration with PixieBrix (View the docs.)
  • Trello Board ID (View the docs.)

How to activate:

  1. Activate this mod by clicking Activate above in the top right or via this link.

  2. Select a Trello integration and set a board ID. (View our Trello docs if you need help setting up Trello or finding the boardId.)

  3. Click "Finish Activating", and you're ready to go!

Try it out:

  1. From any webpage, open the PixieBrix sidebar. You can do this by selecting the PixieBrix icon from your Chrome Extension bar extension bar with an arrow pointing to pixiebrix icon" width= "600"/>
  2. This opens the PixieBrix sidebar and displays the Trello sidebar.

You can do a few things from this sidebar, such as view cards due today and any details about them, click a button to go to the board in Trello, add a new card, or view additional cards on that board.

Great for:

  • Productivity enthusiasts
  • Trello users

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