Ask a Marketing Exec with AI

Ask a question and select an industry, then PixieBrix + OpenAI will act as a leading marketing expert in that industry and answer your question!

by @pixies


How to Use

This mod acts as a leading marketing executive to give you advice! Type a question and an industry, and OpenAI finds that industry's marketing leader and acts as them to answer your question.


  • Create a PixieBrix account. It's free and only takes a minute! You'll be prompted to add the Register, add the Chrome Extension, and then you'll be set to activate with a click!

Activate the Mod

  1. Activate this mod by clicking this link or by clicking the purple Activate button in the top corner above the gif ^^.
  2. No need to configure an OpenAI integration— you can use ours! (Unless you'd like to configure you're own.)
  3. Click the purple 🪄 Finish Activating button.

Need help? Head over to the Slack community or shoot an email to Pixie Britt.

Try it Out

  1. After you've activated the mod by following the instructions above, you're ready! Open your PixieBrix Quick Bar by typing CMD/Ctrl + M from any webpage (including this one!).
  2. From the Quick Bar, select the Ask a Marketing Exec option.
    PixieBrix Quick Bar with actions
  3. A form asks you to type a question and an industry. Fill it out, and press submit.
    form with a field for a question and another field for an industry
  4. Wait about 30 seconds for OpenAI to find your marketing leader, analyze their style, and answer the question. (Yes, it takes a second! Patience, young grasshopper!)
    window alert with text that says please wait while openai finds your marketing exec
  5. A modal appears with the name of the executive and the company, as well as how they would respond to your question.
    modal on a page with an answer


  • It's taking a while to load. Hey, it's still faster than researching the best marketing executive in the industry, emailing them, and hoping for a response. But seriously, this takes some time because the AI is trying to understand that executive and answer the question as they would. Although a second in internet time is an eternity, most responses are returned within 30 seconds.

Endless Possibilities

This is just the beginning! Once you activate your mod, the possibilities are endless. With PixieBrix, you can customize any mod to meet your needs or even build something entirely new. If you run into any trouble, need friendly support, or want to share your creations with the world, join our PixieBrix Slack Community.

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