Language Translation

Translate text, display it in the sidebar, and optionally send to a google sheet

by @pixies



The language translation sidebar translates text you highlight using the Google Translate API and displays the output in the sidebar. You can also send the original and translated text to a Google Sheet for later reference

Activate the Mod

  1. Activate this . If you're not logged into PixieBrix or you have not previously created a PixieBrix account, you'll be prompted to do so before continuing the activation flow for this .

  2. Once you are logged in, use the PixieBrix Extension Console to configure the two integrations that this uses.

    Google Translate - ✨ Built-in

    Google Sheets

Your worksheet should have the following column headers:

- Url
- Language
- Original
- Translation
  1. Finish activating this by clicking "Activate" in the Extension Console

Try it Out

  1. Browse to a page that has text you would like to translate. Like this Italian newspaper

  2. Highlight some text that you would like to translate. Right-click and you should see "Translate: 'selectionText" in the context menu. Click it.

  3. Choose the Target language in the dropdown modal.

  4. Click "Submit" and viola - the translation appears in the sidebar!

  5. Click the red "Save" button in the sidebar to send the data from this translation to your Google Sheet.

Endless Possibilities

This is just the beginning! Once you activate your , the possibilities are endless. With PixieBrix, you can customize any to meet your needs or even build something entirely new. If you run into any trouble and need some friendly support or if want to share your creations with the world, join our PixieBrix Slack Community.

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