New Trello Card from Selected Text

by @pixies


Creates a new trello card on a chosen board and list starting with the selected text in the description

How to Use

First, create a trello api integration under the PixieBrix integration tab. This requires your trello api key from as well as getting an api token from{{apiKey}}&name=PixieBrix&scope=read,write&expiration=never&response_type=token , replacing {{apiKey}} with your api key. This method is due to trello using an older version of Oauth that isn’t currently supported.

Once you have the integration set up, add the brick where you need it and enter the board ID in the ‘boardId’ field. This is the numbers and letters in the url after the /b/ but before the board name. If you want to choose the board every time you can use this brick in tandem with the ‘Choose Trello Boards From User’ brick, although this will make an extra request and therefore takes more time.

This brick has a premade form modal as part of it. You can use the ‘cardDesc’ and ‘cardName’ input fields to pre-populate that form with information before sending it as a card to Trello.





Sept. 17, 2021


Jan. 5, 2022