Translate text using the Google Translate API

How to Use

This brick calls the Google Translate API to translate text from its source language to a target language.

After adding the brick, add the text you wish to translate to the ‘query’ field. The source language can be automatically detected or provided by the user. The target language and optionally the source language can be set using their ISO 639-1 codes.

If you don’t have one yet, you’ll also have to create a RapidAPI service to put in the ‘rapidapi’ field.

The output will contain the translated text, and if the language was autodetected it will also contain the language detected.



Name Required Type Description
query string The text to translate
source string The two-letter source language code,
target string The two-letter target language code,
rapidapi rapidapi/google-translate integration


Name Required Type Description
translatedText string


ID google/translate
Author @todd
Version 1.1.1
Created Aug. 29, 2021
Updated June 20, 2022