Render Document

Render an interactive document

by @pixiebrix

How to Use

The Render Document brick is a versatile renderer brick that can contain any other renderer brick as well as different formatting options for text and data. After adding the Render Document brick to a blueprint, you can use the ‘preview’ tab on the right to customize it.

You can add the following components to elements by clicking the three dots on the top right:

  • Header 1-3 or Text: display different sizes of text from the ‘title’ or ‘text’ field
  • Container: place a container as well as row and column components; can contain multiple components
  • Card: similar to a container, but with a title and border around it
  • Block: Used to insert another renderer brick. Will show the fields of that brick as its own fields.
  • Button: runs a brick
  • List: used to create one copy of a component for each item in an array, passed into the ‘array’ field; in the contained objects you can access the item they correspond to using whatever you set the ‘element key’ field to



Name Required Type Description
body object A document configuration


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.

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