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Render Markdown to sanitized HTML

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What is Markdown?

Markdown is one of the world’s most popular markup languages. For more information on markdown, refer to

Using the Render Markdown brick

In PixieBrix, markdown can be used as the renderer for a sidebar panel or panel, or inside a “render document” brick.

When the Render Markdown brick is the final brick in an extension or inside a document, the ‘markdown’ input field will be added as html to the relevant position.

You can also use the <style> element to add css to the markdown.

Helpful Resources

Here’s some helpful content to learn more:

HTML Tutorial


The Render Markdown brick does not allow javascript and some of the more complicated aspects of css.

You can use you browser’s ‘inspect element’ tab on the side panel or panel to check what elements are being added.


Name Required Type Description
markdown string The Markdown to render


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.


ID @pixiebrix/markdown
Author @pixiebrix
Version 1.7.0
Created Aug. 17, 2021
Updated May 26, 2022

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