Search Highlighted Text in Google Scholar

Highlight text on a page, then right click to search the text in Google Scholar

by @pixie-britt


How to Use

Highlight text in your browser, then right-click to open a new tab that searches the text in Google Scholar and shows the results.

Bricks Used

  • Context Menu
  • Open a new tab

Activate the Mod

  1. Activate the mod. If you're not logged into PixieBrix, or you have not previously created a PixieBrix account, you'll be prompted to do so before continuing the activation flow for this .

  2. Once logged in, you must click "Activate" at the top right corner.

That's all! You're ready to start using the !

Try it Out

  1. Go to any webpage, but this PBS article is a good one to try.
  2. Highlight some text on the page, like Duke Ellington, then right-click to open the context menu. Select the {text} - Google Scholar menu option.

  3. Once selected, a new tab opens, showing the results of the text searched on Google Scholar.

Want to build this yourself?

Follow along in this tutorial, and you can build this Google Scholar search tool from scratch to customize it and make your changes.

Endless Possibilities

This is just the beginning! Once you activate your , the possibilities are endless. With PixieBrix, you can customize any to meet your needs or even build something entirely new. If you have trouble, need some friendly support, or want to share your creations with the world, join our PixieBrix Slack Community.

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