Slack Send Richly-Formatted Message

Send a Slack richly-formatted message with attachments

by @pixies

How to Use

This brick allows you to send a Slack message from PixieBrix.

πŸ‘‰ You need to set-up a slack webhook url to use this brick

Different from the basic Slack message, this advanced message brick uses the attachments field instead of a text field, which can contain any number of attachments. Each of these attachments has a text field for the main text, a fallback field to display when the whole attachment isn’t displayed (such as in notifications), a color field, a pretext field for text to put before the attachment, and any number of table entries which have title and value fields.

To change the appearance of the account sending the message, use the botName field to set the name and the iconEmoji field to set the icon to an emoji on slack.

The target channel (or user) is set through the channel field, including the # before the channel name or the @ before the username.

If you want to format URLs to appear in slack better use this format: <URL|CAPTION>

Use cases

  • You want to send information from PixieBrix to a user or a channel on Slack through a webhook

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Name Required Type Description
slack slack/api integration
channel string #channel, or @username, or leave blank to use the default
link_names boolean If channel names and usernames should be turned into links/pings
attachments array
unfurlLinks boolean Unfurl links to primarily text-based content


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.

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