Send to Teams with Page Title

Sends to Microsoft Teams with the page title and selected text if applicable

by @pixies


How to Use

First create a Microsoft Teams Webhook integration in the PixieBrix integration tab.

This requires a webhook url which can be acquired through opening the settings dropdown of the teams channel you want to connect to, choosing ‘connectors’, navigating to ‘Incoming Webhook’ and adding or configuring it, giving the webhook a proper name and image then clicking ‘create’. Copy the given url into the PixieBrix integration.

When adding a Send Card to Microsoft Teams brick to an extension , first make sure the correct integration is selected under ‘teamsapi’.

The card’s title is set from the title field, and text before the card is set in the ‘text’ field. This text is useful for when you want to send a card with a comment about it.

To add properties to the card, set the type of the ‘facts’ field to Array items, and add as many facts/properties as you need. Both the name and value of each of these can be either preconfigured or set by a variable.

The buttons at the bottom of the card are configured similarly to the facts/properties. Set this field to Array items to allow adding buttons, then for each of them set the url through the ‘uri’ field and the text to display in the ‘name’ field. Again both of these can be set using variables.

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