Save Product Hunt Finds to a Trello Board

Like reviewing or finding products on Product Hunt? Save products you find to a Trello board without leaving the product page!

by @brittany-joiner


How to Use

Rate, comment, and save the products you find on Product Hunt in a Trello board!

Great for:

  • People who like to try out new products
  • Influencers who discover new products
  • Indie builders who want to connect with other builders

Bricks Used

  • Quick Bar Action
  • Page Metadata Reader
  • Parse Date
  • Show Modal or Sidebar Form
  • New Card on Trello
  • Show Confetti


  • Make sure you have a PixieBrix account! (It's free.)
  • Create a Trello board with at least three lists to sort by ranking of High, Medium, or Low. You can call the lists anything you like! Here's an example

  • Set up your PixieBrix Quick Bar keyboard shortcut.


  1. After logging in to PixieBrix, Activate this . If you're not logged into PixieBrix or have not previously created a PixieBrix account, you'll be prompted to do so before continuing the activation flow for this .

  2. On the configuration page, you need to set the listId value for "High" ranking list, "Medium" list, and "Low" list.

To find those IDs, go to the Trello board you created, and add .json to end of the url. It should look something like this: Your page will go from looking like a beautiful Trello board to a wall of text. Don't panic! Just use CMD/Ctrl + F and search for the name of the list you want the ID for. Once that is highlighted in the webpage, look for the "id" property just before it. It's a bunch of letters and numbers inside quotation marks just after "id":

Copy that text inside the quotes and paste it into the List ID field in PixieBrix.

Do that for the other two lists.

  1. Lastly, configure your Trello API. If you haven't already set it up, you'll need to click + Add new .

From there, you'll be prompted to get your Trello API key and token. The field description in the modal shows you how to do that. (If you get stuck, head to the PixieBrix Slack Community and we'll help you out!) After you're done, click Save.

  1. Once you've saved the Trello integration and your list ids set, click Activate in the top right and you're ready to try it out!

Try it Out

  1. Go to a Product Hunt product page, like this one! Open the Quick Bar with your keyboard shortcut, and search for the Product Hunt action, then select it.

  2. In the form that appears on the page, select a ranking (aka a list) for the product to go to, and add a comment to set the card description field if you'd like. _Notice the product description is already drafted!. _

  3. When you're ready, click Send to Trello and immediately you'll see a new card appears in your Trello board with the designated list. Open it to see the product description and any additional comments you posted in the form!

  4. BONUS Use the Timeline View in your Trello board to sort your finds by date and ranking!

Endless Possibilities

This is just the beginning! Once you activate your , the possibilities are endless. With PixieBrix, you can customize any to meet your needs or even build something entirely new. If you have trouble, need some friendly support, or want to share your creations with the world, join our PixieBrix Slack Community.

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