Run Automation Anywhere Bot

Run an Automation Anywhere Bot via the Control Room API

by @pixiebrix

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere (AA) is the leading cloud RPA platform. Their platform lets developers build, deploy, and manage software bots that emulate human actions to automate repetitive, routine work.

Using the Run Automation Anywhere Bot brick

With PixieBrix, you can trigger AA Bots from any web page via AA’s Control Room API.

PixieBrix can run bots on both the Enterprise Edition and the free Community Edition. However, in Community Edition, PixieBrix cannot retrieve bot output.

For how the integration works, refer to our documentation: Running AA Bots via Control Room

Additional information and resources

PixieBrix can integrate with Automation Anywhere in two ways:

  • Control Room: run Automation Anywhere bots with context from the page and deliver the results to the user
  • AARI: Create AARI Requests and Tasks with context from the page and deliver the results to the user

Refer to our full documentation for how each Automation Anywhere integration works: Automation Anywhere Integration Docs


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