choose a movie and a book

Suggest a book and a movie

by @pixies


How to Use

Looking for some new content, or not sure what to do with your weekend? Use AI to get suggestions for a movie and book, based on your favorites!

To Activate

  • Click the purple activate button above the GIF! No need to configure anything else — this uses our built-in OpenAI integration. If you'd prefer to use your own, you can configure your own integration.

To Use

  • Right-click on any webpage to open the context menu
  • Click the choose a movie and a book action
  • Answer the questions in the form that appears
  • Wait for the sidebar to show you ChatGPT's response, suggesting a book and a movie!

Built By

This mod was built by one of our stellar community members, Moaz Abosetta, as a submission for the PixieBrix AI Hackathon! Thanks, Moaz!

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