Add Google sheet row

by @pixiebrix

Add a row of data to a Google sheet with headings

How to Use

What are Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet program offered by Google. For more about Google Sheets check out

Using the Add Google Sheet Row brick

The Add Google Sheet Row brick can be used to send data to a row in Google Sheets.

After adding the brick, you’ll select the Google Sheet where you want to send data.

Under the ‘Tab Name’ option, select the tab that you want it to send data to. After you select a tab, the column names will appear as ‘Row Values’

Under ‘Row Values’, Fill in the information you want added to these rows in each respective input.


This brick may not work when the first row of a document is not the column name.


Name Required Type Description
shape string The row input shape, or infer to automatically detect the format
tabName string The tab name of the spreadsheet to update.
rowValues multiple
spreadsheetId string The ID of the spreadsheet to update.


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.





Aug. 17, 2021


June 13, 2022