Add Google sheet row

Add a row of data to a Google sheet with headings

by @pixiebrix

How to Use

This brick allows you to add a row to an existing Google Sheet. You will need to configure a Google Sheets integration in PixieBrix to use this brick.

After selecting a configured spreadsheet, a dropdown appears allowing you to select one of the existing tabs. Click the desired tab.

After clicking the tab, the Row Values field populates with the column headers from the selected tab.

Click the Value field to reference what that cell should be set to when adding a new row.

Not every value should be filled and leaving the type to X will skip the field.

You'll most often want to reference a value as a variable (@) that was defined in another brick. For instance, if you want to save links to a Google sheet, you would reference the URL of the page you triggered this on. (Can be referenced as @input.url). Or if you asked a question in a form in a previous brick, you can save the answer to that as @form.{fieldName} and log that value to the Google Sheet.

In some cases, you may simply want to hard code a value that is constant for every time the mod is triggered. For example, if you have a column called Source, you may always want the cell value to be "From PixieBrix" when logged with the mod. You can use the Text type.

Use Case

  • Save links to a Google Sheet
  • Store form responses in a Google Sheet
  • Add data logs to a Google Sheet

Mods Using This Brick


Name Required Type Description
shape string The row input shape, or infer to automatically detect the format
tabName string The tab name of the spreadsheet to update.
rowValues multiple
googleAccount multiple
spreadsheetId multiple
requireAllHeaders boolean Validate that submitted data includes all headers in the sheet
requireSheetIsVisible boolean Validate that the target sheet is not hidden
requireOnlyKnownHeaders boolean Validate that all submitted headers exist in the sheet


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.

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