AI Copilot

Run ChatGPT prompts from a Google Sheet on any page

by @pixies


How to Use

Stop searching for your ChatGPT prompts and wasting time copying/pasting. Instead, use this AI Copilot to store your most used prompts and access from any webpage!

Activate the Mod

  1. Activate this mod by clicking this link or by clicking the purple Activate button in the top corner above the gif ^^. done!
  2. No need to configure anything else; you can use the PixieBrix built in OpenAI configuration! (If you'd prefer, you can configure your own OpenAI integration).

Opening the AI Copilot Sidebar

You can open the sidebar in three different ways, making it easy for you to access however you need it!

  • Click the PixieBrix extension icon from your Chrome Extension menu
  • Launch the Quick Bar by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + M , then selecting the "AI Copilot" action
  • Right-click on any webpage and choose the AI Copilot option from the menu that appears.

Try it Out

  1. Highlight some text from anywhere on any page.... even this one!
  2. Open the AI Copilot sidebar (see above instructions).
  3. A sidebar panel appears with actions you can take as well as a dropdown field for picking a preset prompt.

  4. Choose the Shorten Text action to take the highlighted text and make it more concise.

  5. Next, click the AI Copilot tab in the sidebar and try out one of the prompts from the Pick a Prompt section.

  6. Choose the prompt you'd like, and a box appears to give more details for the prompt, such as a product name or a problem you're trying to solve. Type what you need and click Run Prompt. After a moment, your sidebar panel shows you the answer from ChatGPT!

Customizing with a spreadsheet

If you want to customize the available prompts, you can connect a Google Sheet with stored prompts that can be changed.

Here's a few spreadsheets you can copy and use right away:

1. Copy this Google Sheet template to your own Google Drive. You can change the titles and prompts values in the Prompts tab (columns B and C), but do not change the headers (first row) or the tab names.
2. Reactivate this mod 3. Click Configure in the Google Drive section and a modal will appear asking you to allow PixieBrix access to your Google account.

4. Once you've connected, click the Spreadsheet field to choose the copied spreadsheet from the dropdown items that appear.

5. No need to configure anything else- it will keep the integration you set up when you first activated. So just click Finish activating and you're good to go!


You will need to sign in with the same Google Account that you're signed into from your Chrome profile. If you want to use a different one, create a new Chrome profile with the Google account you want to use.

Still having issues with you Google Account? Try these tips.

Need help? Head over to the Slack community or shoot an email to support.

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