This Mod Will Correct the selected sentence using Chatgpt and show in the sidepanel.

by @shalord


How to Use

This Mod provides the corrected version of the selected sentence. If the sentence is already correct, it responds with 'The sentence is already correct.' Otherwise, provide the copy of the corrected version.

Activate the Mod

  1. Activate this mod by clicking this link or by clicking the purple Activate button in the top corner above the gif ^^. done!
  2. No need to configure anything, you can use the PixieBrix built in OpenAI configuration! (If you'd prefer, you can configure your own OpenAI integration).

Try it Out

  1. Highlight some text from anywhere on the page. You can even highlight this text right here!
  2. Right-click to open the context menu, and select the SentenceRevise action. If you have multiple PixieBrix mods installed, you might need to click the PixieBrix option first to open all the actions.

  3. If the sentence is incorrectly written, the sidebar shows a better version that you can copy! Otherwise, it lets you know the sentence is already correct.

Built By

This mod was built by one of our stellar community members, Sarath Sasi! Thanks, Sarath!

Need help? Head over to the Slack community or shoot an email to Pixie Britt.

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