Doctor Visit Summary

Select notes from a doctor visit and ChatGPT creates an organized summary.

by @pixies


How to Use

Ask ChatGPT to create a recap from a doctor's after-visit summary!

To Activate

  • Click the purple activate button above the GIF! No need to configure anything else — this uses our built-in OpenAI integration. If you'd prefer to use your own, you can configure your own integration.

To Use

  1. From any page, select text that describes a recap from a doctor's visit. If you're not a doctor but want to try this, see if your medical provider has an online tool showing your last visit summary.
  2. Right-click to open the context menu, and choose the Doctors Subscription action.
  3. View the summary in the Sidebar that appears!

Built By

This mod was built by one of our stellar community members, Mansi Tamrakar, as a submission for the PixieBrix AI Hackathon! Thanks, Mansi!

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