Task Queue Sidebar

Task Queue Sidebar

by @pixies


How to Use

Use this mod to create tasks from links and allow teammates to claim those tasks.


  • Make sure you have a PixieBrix account! (It's free.)
  • Create a Team in PixieBrix. To do this, head to the Admin Console and select the Team bar at the top of the page, then select the "Create Team" button. Afterward, invite any team members who would like to use this mod!

creating a team in pixiebrix

How to activate:

  1. Activate this mod by clicking Activate above in the top right or via this link.
    PixieBrix configuration sidebar

Try it out:

  1. Go to any URL. You could go to a Trello card or a GitHub issue.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page to open the context menu, then select Add task.
    context menu with actions
  3. If needed, edit the link in the modal that appears, then click Add.
    modal with a field for a URL and a blue button that says add
  4. A sidebar appears with all the current tasks, including the one you just added.
    sidebar panel that shows tasks in progress and tasks not started
  5. To start working on a task, click Claim and watch the task move to Current Task.
    current task card
  6. You can view all your current tasks by opening the sidebar from any page. Clicking Go to will take you to the link for the task. Once you've completed the task, click Complete, and your task disappears!

Endless Possibilities

This is just the beginning! Once you activate your mod, the possibilities are endless. With PixieBrix, you can customize any mod to meet your needs or even build something entirely new. If you run into any trouble, need some friendly support, or want to share your creations with the world, join our PixieBrix Slack Community.

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