Page metadata reader

Read OpenGraph, Twitter, and Meta tags

by @pixiebrix

How to Use

The Page metadata reader brick takes no inputs. With this brick you can read metadata of any page being used by PixieBrix:

This grabs a variety of information about the website such as the base url without the specific page, the webpage description, title, and provider if available to be used by other bricks.

It allows you to choose a target tab(s), by default being the current tab.

Use cases:

  • Grab URL from pages to use in later bricks
  • Grab page images, title or description to manipulate further
  • Grab hidden data layers and SEO meta tags from pages


Name Required Type Description
No inputs for this brick defined.


Name Required Type Description
url string A canonical URL for the page.
icon string A URL which contains an icon for the page.
type string The type of content as defined by opengraph (
image string A URL which contains a preview image for the page.
title string A user displayable title for the page.
keywords string The meta keywords for the page.
description string A user displayable description for the page.

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