Tweet in a new tab

by @pixies

Draft a tweet in a new tab

How to Use

The Tweet in New Tab brick opens a new tab to Twitter, with a pre-populated tweet ready to send. When adding this brick to a blueprint, you can set the text to be tweeted in the ‘text’ field. The ‘via’ field adds a description of how the tweet was sent, by default adding ‘via @pixiebrix’ at the bottom. You can add a url to the ‘url’ field to add a link to the tweet. The ‘hashtags’ field will add hashtags to the tweet.



Name Required Type Description
url string The url parameter contains an absolute HTTP or HTTPS URL to be shared on Twitter. The shared URL will be automatically shortened in a published Tweet
via string Attribute the source of a Tweet to a Twitter username. Don't include the "@"
text string A text parameter appears pre-selected in a Tweet composer. The Tweet author may easily remove the text with a single delete action.
hashtags array Omit a preceding “#” from each hashtag; the Tweet composer will automatically add the proper space-separated hashtag by language.


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.





March 25, 2022


May 26, 2022