Show a website in an iframe

by @pixiebrix

What is an iFrame?

An Iframe, or inline frame, places another HTML document in a frame. This is typically how websites embed ads or videos inside of web pages.

Using the iFrame brick

In PixieBrix, an iFrame can be used as the renderer for a sidebar panel or panel, or inside a “render document” brick.

After adding an iFrame as the final brick in a blueprint or inside a document, paste the URL you want to display inside the url field.

Width and height can be adjusted to better fit the frame into the sidebar.

Helpful Resources

Here’s more information on iFrames:

HTML iframe tag


Some websites don’t allow you to embed them in IFrames, and some only allow being embedded when you’re on the same domain. This is done for security reasons.


Name Required Type Description
url string The URL to display in the IFrame
name string The name of the IFrame
title string The title of the IFrame
width string The width of the IFrame
height string The height of the IFrame
safeMode boolean Run with the parent Content Security Policy (CSP)


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.

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