PixieBrix Actions That Every RPA Developer Should Use

RPA developers are all about using automation to streamline business processes for all sorts of businesses. But what about your own work? Here’s how PixieBrix can help you get some crucial time back.

PixieBrix Actions That Every RPA Developer Should Use

Automation is a huge business. Organizations of all sizes now know that automation tools pay massive dividends in productivity. But effectively deploying these tools can be a complex, technical process, and they don’t always fit specific business use cases. That’s when people turn to RPA developers. But how can RPA developers use their own automations to make their work life easier — and create more value for their clients?

That’s where PixieBrix comes in. Let’s dive in.

What is an RPA developer?

A Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) developer works with businesses to automate all sorts of workflows. They’re software specialists who are all about squeezing more productivity out of business processes for all sorts of teams, across all industries. RPA developers are highly specialized developers who design and deploy software bots and automations. Sometimes they use dedicated automation tools. Other times, it’s all hard-coded.

As automation continues to take over the business world, RPA developers have become highly prized specialists.

Why RPA developers should care about PixieBrix

As an RPA developer, you know just how transformative automation can be. Projects that are constantly overdue suddenly get done on time, budgets get roomier, and everyone can focus on more important work. But when you spend all your time building automations for others, it can be hard to find tools that make your own workday easier.

Enter PixieBrix.

PixieBrix is a low-code platform anyone can use to build automations and enhancements in Chrome to streamline tasks and transform their workday. With the wide range of pre-built mods on the PixieBrix marketplace, you can deploy automations in minutes. You’ll find mods for all sorts of tools, from Automation Anywhere to LinkedIn, Jira to Salesforce, and more.

Here are 10 PixieBrix mods that’ll make your life as an RPA developer much easier.

10 PixieBrix mods to transform your work as an RPA developer

These mods cover all aspects of your work, from quick calculations and conversions, to looking up and testing regular expression (regex) syntax, and even scheduling and communicating with colleagues and clients.

Control Room Activity Panel


Want a quick way to check in on your automations? This mod gives you a sidebar that lists your last 10 Automation Anywhere bot run requests. That way, you can get a quick look at your RPAs from any website.

As an RPA developer, you might have dozens (or hundreds!) of automations running at once. Being able to save even just a bit of time to check on how they’re doing will make your life a lot easier.

Regex Cheat Sheet


No need to memorize anything if you don’t need to. With this PixieBrix mod you’ll get a cheat sheet of the most commonly used regex expressions, so you can build automations that much faster.

You’ve probably got a ton of resources like this bookmarked, but what if you didn’t even have to load up a website to get them? With the right mods, you can pull all that info from PixieBrix.

Calculate Duration


Wait, how many days are there between January 1st and March 31st again? No need to guess, no need to count on a calendar. With this mod, just put in your dates and you’ll know exactly how many days there are between them.

This is the kind of detail you might need for building an automation, and being able to get it this quickly can save you tons of time.

Highlight RPA Job Keywords


Whether you’re looking for a new job or just an extra gig, don’t you wish you could sift through job postings faster? This mod automatically highlights specific keywords you define, whether that’s “RPA,” “developer,” or anything else you need!

You’re a busy developer, and any time you spend looking at job postings is time you could be building. Save some time with this mod.

Bot Build Checklist


What if you could check your work from anywhere? With this mod, you’ll get a thorough checklist you can reference any time you build a bot to make sure you’re sticking to best practices.

If checklists are good enough for airline pilots on takeoff, then they’re good enough for us. Having a quick reference of best practices on hand can help you ship automations faster — with fewer bugs down the line.

LinkedIn Message Template


Want to reach out to more people on LinkedIn and build your network? This mod adds a button to every connection request, so you can get that greeting sent that much quicker.

Networking is a crucial skill for RPA developers, but you don’t always have time to craft a specialized greeting for every potential connection. With this mod, you can still do those crucial reach-outs without spending hours crafting a single message.

Want to leave LinkedIn comments much faster? This mod gives you customizable comment templates that are just a right-click away, so you can be more active on LinkedIn in a fraction of the time.

As someone working in an emerging field, having a strong LinkedIn presence can only help advance your career. With this mod, you can quickly celebrate achievements, reach out to colleagues in need, and more.

Want to add your own templates instead of using the premade ones? Try this mod instead.

Search Automation Anywhere


Need a quick answer, but don’t want to search through dozens of support docs? With this mod, you can use a quick right-click menu to search highlighted text in Automation Anywhere’s support documentation, community, and even YouTube.

When you’re working with RPA, it’s hard not to run into Automation Anywhere. Their documentation is super useful for any RPA developer, and being able to search it up this quickly can save you precious time.

Quick Language Translation


With this mod, you can select text from anywhere on the web, right-click it, and get a translation in a sidebar in seconds. That means a ton of saved clicks every day since you don’t have to constantly switch to Google Translate.

RPA developers often have to work with clients and colleagues from all around the world, so with this mod, you’ll be able to communicate with people that speak any language.

Timezone Conversion

How many times have you gone to Google to check the difference between two different time zones? With this PixieBrix mod, you’ll get a quick sidebar menu that automatically adjusts a specific time to whatever time zone you’ve selected.

Much like you’ll work with people who speak lots of different languages, you’ll be working with folks from other time zones. With this mod, you never have to worry about missing a meeting because the time was set for a different time zone.

Be the best RPA developer you can be with PixieBrix

Automation shouldn’t just be for automating complex business processes. They should also be useful at the individual level, so people in all roles can save crucial time for more essential work. For RPA developers, that means using PixieBrix to streamline communication, searches, creating records, and more.
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