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Some of our best mods, created by members of the PixieBrix community and staff.

Writing Assist

Knowledge Base Assist

AI Copilot

LinkedIn Message Templates

Summarize Selected Text with AI

Scrape LinkedIn to Google Sheets

All Mods

Video Summarize

Doctors Subscription

ChatGPT Sidebar

Text Summarization

Resume Content Builder

AI SEO YouTube Video Title Generator

choose a movie and a book

Comment and Score

Search Power Automate Docs

Search UiPath Docs

Search Automation Anywhere Docs

Search Highlighted Text in Google Scholar

Trello Status Sidebar

Github Notifications

Search Yelp Reviews From Open Table

Add UTM Params and Shorten Link (Context Menu)

YouTube Upload Checklist

Dictionary definitions, synonyms & antonyms.

Answer Questions With OpenAI

Search Linkedin Learning

Notion Search Quickbar

Using Gen AI to generate response to customer queries in Salesforce - AI Hackathon

YouTube Search

Youtube Comment Templates

Highlight Specific Keywords When Page Loads

Mask Sensitive Data On Your Screen

Copy URL to Clipboard

Twitter Bird Logo

Log User Interaction

Hide Custom Fields

Regex Cheat Sheet

Highlight Keywords in LinkedIn Jobs

Checklist Manager

Search Movie

Calculate Duration

Control Room Activity Panel

Re-run Google Search

Convert Time Zone

Search Automation Anywhere

SocialBlade Twitter to Spreadsheet

Scrape VRBO listing to Google Spreadsheet

Copy Gist To Clipboard

Shopify - Send Templated Email

Search Similar Shopify Product on Amazon

Shopify Generate Description

Open In Opensea Button

Browse in sidebar

PR Checklist

Receiver Sidebar

Reddit Posts Everywhere

Hacker News Highlight

Smogon Pokémon Usage Search

Dependabot Cheat Sheet

Notion Search

Zendesk Tickets

Display Jira Issues

Trello Sidebar & Due Today

IT Sidebar


Send to Teams with Page Title

Writing Assist

Knowledge Base Assist

Hide Twitter Get Verified Modal

Check for pridewashing

AI Copilot

Share LinkedIn Post to Slack

Ask a Marketing Exec with AI


Create UTM Tracking URL

LinkedIn Message Templates

Search Person in Pipedrive

Twitter Thread Generator

Book Summaries and Action Items

Ask a CEO with AI

Suggest a Similar But Different Startup Idea

Write an email in my style

Explain GitHub Repo

ChatGPT Tweet Generator

Social Media Time Tracker

Estimate reading time of a page

ChatGPT-3 OOO/WFH Email Assistant

Tip-of-the-Tongue: Reverse Word Lookup with ChatGPT

AI Knowledge Base Lookup

Analyze Sentiment of Text

Summarize Zendesk Case Status

AI Categorize Ticket

Detect Trust & Safety on Zendesk

Language Translation

BibTex Citation with OpenAI

Check brand guidelines with ChatGPT

Summarize Selected Text with AI

Detect AI writing with GPTZero

Control Room Activity Panel (Quickbar)

Show Alert When Keyword Appears On Page

Censor Keywords Appearing On A Page

Detect Off Brand Word in Zendesk

AI Product Launch Kit

Translate Words or Image on a Page

PixieBrix Website Tour

Refund Order Demo

Make Responses Friendlier With Help From OpenAI

Task Queue Sidebar

Warning For Typing Words on Twitter

Training and Knowledge Check : Pronouns

Training And Knowledge Check : Bribery

Walkthrough How To Create Signature in Gmail

Walkthrough How To Set OOO in Gmail

Hide Watch Button on Trello Cards

Search Company Directory with Slack DM

Access Twitter Templates Stored In Google Sheets

Send Email from LinkedIn Profile

OpenAI response in Google search

Scrape LinkedIn to Google Sheets

Search Company Directory Sourced in Google Sheets

Helpful Responses To Angry Customers Stored In Google Sheets

Training and Knowledge Check : Phishing

Search Zendesk Help

GIPHY Search

[Template] Smart Bookmarks

[Template] Snippet / Message Template Manager

Quick Access To FAQs Stored In Google Sheets

Search Atlassian Community from Quick Bar

Search Trello Docs from Quick Bar

Hacker News Search Quickbar

Search Workday Blog

[TR] Set Relative Due Dates (Button)

Sticky Notes Sidebar

[Trello] Show confetti on checklist item complete

Convert GitHub Issue To A Trello Card

Save Product Hunt Finds to a Trello Board

Click To Send Current Page to Trello

Message Template Sidebar

Search On YouTube

Tweet this link

Capture any idea in a Trello Brain Inbox

OCR Translation Context Menu

Share Tweet to Slack

[Twitter] Mute Keywords

Hide Card Archive Alert in Trello

Hide What's happening

Coda - Direct Chrome Extension

Get shipping rates using ShipEngine API

Get shipping rates using Shipstation API

Open on OpenSea or LooksRare

Built In Sidebar

Create a shipment using Easypost

Easyship Create a label

Trello Board Button Link

Easyship Estimate Pricing Extension

Coda - Chrome Extension

Sendle Estimate Pricing Extension

Search for files on this site

Is this text on another page?

Yellownape Enrich: XTRF/Memsource sidebar

Yellownape Enrich: Plunet/Memsource side panel

Combine custom info in templated texts

Currency Conversion Tutorial

NewReleases Chrome Extension

Twitter sidebar

Slack Sidebar

Random Seinfeld Quote Panel

Button Cheat Sheet

Crunchbase Sidebar

YouTube Chapters

Hubspot Search in Sidebar

Translate to EN

Quick Bar page to Google Sheets

Sales Navigator: Highlight Connection Status

Quick Bar page to Slack

Github Templates

Send to Slack with page title

Send to Asana

Search Pronunciation Context Menu

Costco Search

Pandora search

Spotify Search Context Menus

Validate Email Addresses

New Jira Issue from Selected Text

New Trello Card from Selected Text

CBS Sports Fantasy Football Sidebar demo

Dun & Bradstreet Search Context Menu

Rotten Tomatoes Search Context Menu

Soundcloud Context Menu

Amazon Search Context Menu

Wikipedia Search Context Menu

Google Search Context Menu

GitHub Search Context Menu

IMDb Context Menu

eBay Search Context Menu

Quora Search Context Menu

YouTube Search Context Menu

Yelp Search Context Menu

LinkedIn Search Context Menu

DuckDuckGo Search Context Menu

Twitter Search Context Menu

Etsy Search Context Menu

Reddit Search Context Menu

Facebook Search Context Menu