Six PixieBrix Mods to Boost Customer Service

Six PixieBrix Mods to Boost Customer Service
PixieBrix to unify the customer service journey

This post discusses using PixieBrix to unify the customer service journey for better customer experiences.

According to Salesforce’s State of Service report, 51% of agents search between multiple screens to find the information needed to do their job. This increases average handle time (AHT), and lowers customer satisfaction.

To help solve this, PixieBrix lets agents embed tools and content directly into one screen, often Salesforce Service Console, for an integrated view. This concept, known as Screen Unification, makes agents faster and more effective.

Agents can embed tools and content they develop on the PixieBrix platform, as well as third-party services and content they already use.

Six PixieBrix Mods in 60 seconds

Here are six PixieBrix mods you can embed into any screen for a more unified experience:

☎️ Customer support script

Support scripts help agents stay on track, especially in tense situations like when a customer is frustrated. With PixieBrix, you can embed scripts directly into your CRM or help desk platform, and dynamically suggest content based on clues from the page, like purchase history, loyalty status, geography, or any other useful segmentation.

⁉️ FAQs and knowledge base articles

Support agents often rely on the same FAQs and knowledge base articles that customers already have access to on your company’s website. To give support teams a leg up, you can configure PixieBrix to suggest the most relevant content, i.e. hot topics and trending FAQs, based on agent click events or other behaviors that you can log using PixieBrix. This is especially helpful when things like seasonality, recalls, promotions, or other factors disrupt business as usual.

🛰️ Geo-automation

Geo-automation lets you use location-based information, like weather forecasts and traffic patterns, to improve customer experiences. With PixieBrix, you can embed real time geo-automation services directly into your CRM. This is especially helpful to customer support teams focused on travel, hospitality, and entertainment experiences.

📝 Sales cheat sheet

When handled properly, customer service conversations can turn into cross-sell and upsell opportunities. With PixieBrix, your agents can keep a “talk track” at their fingertips so it’s available on the right screen when the opportunity presents itself. Helpful content may include reference customers, key value propositions, objection handling tips, promotion calendars, and more.

📓 Account notes

CRMs like Salesforce and Zendesk make it easy to add notes and tags to different entities. However, there are valid reasons why agents conduct certain calls outside of these tools. With PixieBrix you can annotate any page to keep critical information on hand. For example, you could embed a list of cases you’ve completed at a particular hospital into that hospital’s website, and the list would dynamically update as you navigate to new hospital sites.

📎 Directory

Many organizations maintain internal directories to make helpful resources easily accessible. With PixieBrix, you can create a customer support directory with links to slides, product diagnostics, demo environments, employee profiles, and more. Creating and distributing a directory through PixieBrix creates consistency across the team, rather than relying on each agent to bookmark a subset of tools and resources.


Customer support teams need the most relevant content and tools at their fingertips to maximize customer experiences. PixieBrix makes it easy for teams to customize and curate content, embed it into any screen, and dynamically suggest information by detecting clues and context about the situation.

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