The Top Twitter/X Chrome Extensions

In order to help you get the most out of your Twitter experience — and to solve some of these issues — we’ve rounded up nine of the best Twitter Chrome extensions.

The Top Twitter/X Chrome Extensions

Elon Musk’s master plan aside, Twitter is one of the top social media platforms in the world — and for good reason. Its half a billion users have the ability to share information quickly and with a large and diverse audience, keep up with breaking news and trending topics, and have conversations with others at the click of a button.

That said, like any social media tool, Twitter can sometimes leave much to be desired. From a potentially distracting interface to a confusing bookmarks and tabs system to just not wanting to see specific things, there are a few Twitter features that are common pain points for users everywhere. In order to help you get the most out of your Twitter experience — and to solve some of these issues — we’ve rounded up nine of the best Twitter Chrome extensions and Chrome plugins.


With more than 1,000,000 users and almost 13,000 reviews, tweetdeck is one of the most popular Twitter plugins for Chrome available. tweetdeck lets you view your Twitter streams in multiple columns, schedule tweets (including with images and links), track real-time conversations and hashtags, customize a layout, and keep up with the conversations and people that you actually care about.

Minimal Theme for Twitter

While Twitter is known for many things, being beautiful sadly isn’t one of them. With the Minimal Theme Chrome extension, you can improve your Twitter experience by cleaning up and decluttering the user interface.

Minimal Theme is a Chrome extension for Twitter that enables you to customize your Twitter experience by letting you control the navigation UI (including labels, buttons, and centering), apply a Zen Mode (which lets you hide vanity metrics, remove the search bar, hide promoted posts, and more), and control the width of your timeline. With Princeton researchers finding that visual clutter limits “the brain’s ability to process information and restricts the ability of people to focus,” the Minimal Theme Chrome extension can reduce the amount of stimuli in your Twitter experience.


If you feel limited by the current Twitter Chrome extensions available on the market, or are interested in exploring different ways automation can make your Twitter experience better, PixieBrix is the solution for you. With PixieBrix, you can build your own Twitter Chrome mod or try out the ones in the PixieBrix Marketplace — opening up endless possibilities when it comes to enhancing your time online.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use PixieBrix:

Ask ChatGPT to Suggest a Tweet

Quickly mute specific words or phrases on Twitter.


Automatically send tweets to Slack.


Generate ideas for your next Tweet.


And there are so many more. If there's another Twitter Chrome mod that you wish existed, or if you are interested in enhancing your productivity with dozens of other tools like Slack, Asana, Google Workspace, and more, check out PixieBrix.


Whether you’re a social media manager who needs access to basic data, or a business owner who needs to conduct a competitor analysis, there hasn’t been an easy way to export Twitter information to Microsoft Excel. Until now.

The Twlets Twitter Chrome extension lets you download any public Twitter user’s basic data such as followers, tweets, retweets, likes, replies, and more, to a MS Excel file format. While not free, Twlets offers both a pay-what-you-use or an unlimited time-based (1 day, 1 month, 1 year) payment model. That said, it’s a great lower-cost alternative to more expensive and complex Twitter analytics or data exporting tools.


If you’re an active Twitter user, chances are you have a number of bookmarked tweets you’re saving for future reading. While it’s great you can actually save specific content for later, Twitter’s bookmark interface isn’t exactly easy to navigate or search. Plus, if you want to actually organize these bookmarks you’ll need to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

The dewey. Chrome extension is a free alternative that imports your Twitter bookmarks and lets you organize them into folders (that they call “Collections”). You can add labels and tags, share with others, easily search, or even export them as a CSV file. Not only that, but dewey. will send you a weekly email with a summary of the tweet or threads you’ve saved so that you can actually take the time to read them.

Hide Twitter Ads

We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling Twitter when an annoying promoted tweet appears in your newsfeed. Whether it’s an ad you’ve just seen one too many times, or one that simply isn’t relevant to you, sometimes you need a break from paid content.

Get rid of these interruptions with the Hide Twitter Ads Chrome extension. Free and available in multiple languages (including English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and French), Hide Twitter Ads does exactly what its name promises.

Twitter Account Detector

Have you ever been on a website and wanted to see if there’s an associated Twitter account for the page? With the Twitter Account Detector Chrome extension, you can do this with the click of a button. Simply activate this extension when visiting the site of your choice, and it will automatically scan the web page and show you any Twitter handles it can find.

For example, say you’re checking out the website of a successful business coach you admire and you’d love to follow along with the career-oriented advice they’re sharing on Twitter. Twitter Account Detector will quickly show you their official Twitter account so you can spend more time interacting with their valuable content.


Countless users have said that the ThreadHelper Chrome extension is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way they use Twitter. Appearing as a sidebar, ThreadHelper lets you “ambiently, automatically, and instantly” find the tweets you need, when you need them, all without leaving your main Twitter feed. As you type into your composer window (as if you’re writing a new tweet) ThreadHelper will search and show you any relevant tweets you’ve written in the past, along with related retweets, bookmarks, and replies.

You aren’t limited to solely searching your own content, either. With ThreadHelper you can search all of Twitter for the content you need and engage with these tweets as you normally would (ie. replying, retweeting, quote tweeting, liking). Plus, when you click on a tweet, ThreadHelper will surface any other relevant tweets to provide context and history where needed. With its own unique algorithm and interface, ThreadHelper makes the Twitter experience simpler, smoother, and more efficient — for free.

Share on Twitter

According to a report by Cornell University and Qatalog, when you context switch — change from one task (or website, tab, etc.) to another — it takes an average of about 10 minutes to get back on track with the task you were doing before. The Share on Twitter Chrome extension can help reduce the time and energy you spend going back and forth between tabs, links, and websites.

The Share on Twitter Chrome extension lets you share a link or selected text straight to Twitter from any site you’re browsing. It’s an extremely simple extension, but one that can save you some serious time.

To use Share on Twitter, all you have to do is use the toolbar button, a keyboard shortcut (Alt + T), or right click to share the website, link, or a selection of text right to your Twitter account — all without leaving the page you’re viewing.

Sometimes the simplest things can have the most impact on our day-to-day lives. With the best extensions for Chrome 2022 listed above, as well as the custom options available with PixieBrix, you'll be more productive in no time.