Unlock the Power of Intelligent Automation Across the Web with PixieBrix

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Automation Across the Web with PixieBrix

The PixieBrix team recently traveled to Austin to attend Automation Anywhere's Imagine Conference, a premier event bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and automation enthusiasts. The conference offered a unique platform to explore the latest advancements in robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), share insights, and network with professionals dedicated to transforming the future of work. From insightful keynotes to use case sessions (one led by us!), Imagine provided an invaluable opportunity to delve into the cutting-edge technologies shaping the digital landscape.

Here's what we learned and shared with attendees in our Theater Session about incorporating intelligent automation on any webpage.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows has become increasingly crucial for both individuals and businesses.

Enter PixieBrix, a revolutionary tool that empowers you to harness the power of intelligent automation on any webpage you visit. Whether you're a busy professional, a digital marketer, or an IT administrator, combining PixieBrix with intelligent automation can save your company money and save your employees time.

Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is the integration of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to automate and optimize various business processes. By leveraging these powerful tools, you can free up your time and energy, allowing you to focus on more strategic and high-value tasks. Intelligent automation can help you:

  • Reduce manual errors and improve accuracy
  • Streamline repetitive tasks and workflows
  • Enhance team productivity and efficiency
  • Gain valuable insights through data analysis
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction

Automation Anywhere is a leading provider of intelligent automation software that enables organizations to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks across various business functions by assigning routine tasks to software robots, or "bots". These bots can handle activities such as data entry, transaction processing, and customer queries, allowing human employees to focus on more strategic, high-value tasks.

How PixieBrix supports Intelligent Automation

PixieBrix is a browser extension that seamlessly integrates intelligent automation into your web browsing experience.

The Fastest Way to Deploy Co-Pilot

With Automation Anywhere’s Co-Pilot feature, you can embed your Control Room in an iframe to run bots wherever you can embed an iframe. With PixieBrix, you can display an iframe on any webpage. So, bring it all together and you can access your bots from a Sidebar on any webpage.

Unlike traditional automation tools that are limited to specific platforms or applications, PixieBrix allows you to automate tasks and workflows across any webpage you visit, from social media platforms like LinkedIn and X/Twitter, to enterprise software, like Salesforce, Workday, SAP, and more.

The best part of using PixieBrix is that can you pass contextual information from the page to the bot, saving you from needless copy and paste for inputs your bots might need.

Unlock the Power of Automation Anywhere Bots

While you can access your bots from any page via Co-Pilot, you may also want to create a user interface for your employees to work with that runs your bots under the hood.

One of the features of PixieBrix is its ability to leverage your existing Automation Anywhere bots with our pre-wrapped brick, saving you from needing to code up any logic to deploy to your employees.

Connecting PixieBrix to your Automation Anywhere account allows you to effortlessly deploy your pre-built bots on any webpage, unlocking a world of possibilities. We crafted an example of creating a sidebar for tracking time cards, allowing employees to submit their time cards via RPA bots, without ever needing to go to Automation Anywhere, their control room, or the timekeeping application.

Not only can you use PixieBrix to send information via your bots; you can also use it to fetch information and display it in the flow of work

For instance, if you’re working with customer tickets and need to view order information, rather than needing to open a new tab and search a database, you can use Automation Anywhere’s API Tasks to fetch information and display it next to the ticket with a PixieBrix sidebar.

Customize and Personalize Your Automation Experience

These are just a few examples. PixieBrix also offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to create custom automation and integrations. With pre-built functions (we call them bricks), you can easily build and configure your automation workflows, tailoring them to your specific needs and preferences.

To build with PixieBrix, you’ll use our Page Editor and choose a starter brick, which determines how you initiate your automation.

From there, you’ll piece together bricks that perform specific actions, creating a Mod that improves a specific workflow.

Implement Intelligent Automation with PixieBrix

Ready to get started with PixieBrix and unlock the full potential of intelligent automation? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the PixieBrix Browser Extension: Download and install the PixieBrix extension for Chrome.
  2. Connect to Automation Anywhere: Link your PixieBrix account to your Automation Anywhere platform, allowing you to access your existing bots and tasks to run in your PixieBrix mods (automation workflows).
  3. Try an Automation Anywhere template: Discover a wealth of pre-built automation workflows by activating a template and customizing to your bots.
  4. Create Your Own Automations: Utilize the PixieBrix Page Editor to build and configure your own custom automation workflows, tailoring them to your specific requirements.
  5. Deploy Automation on Any Webpage: Effortlessly apply your Automation Anywhere bots or PixieBrix-powered automation to any webpage you visit, streamlining your workflows and boosting your productivity.

Embrace the Future of Intelligent Automation

With AI and more technology developments coming, the importance of intelligent automation will only grow. By leveraging tools like PixieBrix and Automation Anywhere, you can position yourself and your organization to take advantage of these advances, unlocking new levels of productivity, efficiency, and competitive advantage.