Put data in PixieBrix database

by @pixiebrix

Create/update a PixieBrix database record

How to Use

Use the Put data in PixieBrix database brick to create/update records in PixieBrix Team and Personal Databases. Databases enable you to store information across runs of a blueprint, your PixieBrix browser extension installs, and team members.

You can retrieve Database records using one of the following methods: - Use the Get Data from PixieBrix database brick - Retrieve/export the data via the PixieBrix Developer API - Export the database from the Admin Console


The two inputs required to put data in a PIxieBrix database are:

  • Key: a text key identifying the record. Used to retrieve the record in the future
  • Value: the value to store at the key

Database Keys

In practice, the following key formats are most commonly used:

  • URL key: @input.url useful for tracking additional information with a page, e.g., comments and annotations. Note that the @input.url corresponds to the site’s URL at the time the blueprint ran. To get current URL, use the Context reader brick
  • Entity identifier key: a reference number/identifier from the application you are using, e.g., a case number, account number, etc. These can often be parsed from the URL using the Regex Extractor brick, or from the page content using the jQuery Selector reader brick
  • Timestamp-based key: for logging events that you don’t need to lookup later, use a timestamp based key. You can generate a timestamp using the Generate a timestamp brick. For multi-user scenarios, you can combine with the email from the Session reader brick. For example {{@session.email}}-{{@instant.timestamp}}

Advanced: Merge Strategy

The Merge Strategy controls how the data is updated if a record with the key already exists. There are 4 merge strategies:

  • replace (default): replace record
  • shallow merge: replace the top-level properties in the record, but keep other values
  • deep merge: recursively merge nested properties
  • deep_append: recursively merge nested properties. For lists, append the new values to the end of the existing lists


Name Required Type Description
key string A unique key for the record
value object The data to store in the database
service @pixiebrix/api integration
databaseId string The database id
mergeStrategy string Strategy to update the record if it already exists


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.





Aug. 29, 2021


Nov. 13, 2022