Get data from PixieBrix database

by @pixiebrix

Get a PixieBrix database record

How to Use

Use the Get Data from PixieBrix Database brick to retrieve information from a PixieBrix database. You can add records to PixieBrix databases using either the Put data in PixieBrix database brick or PixieBrix’s Developer API

In addition to choosing a database, this brick takes two input properties:

  • Key: the unique key for the record to lookup
  • Missing Behavior: the behavior if a record with the specified key is not found
    • Error (default): throw an error and stop execution
    • Blank: return a empty record value

The “Blank” missing behavior is useful for annotation and collaboration use cases, where an entry might not yet have been stored for the page/entity.


Name Required Type Description
key string The unique key for the record
service @pixiebrix/api integration
databaseId string The database id
missingKey string Behavior if the key does not exist


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.





Aug. 29, 2021


Nov. 13, 2022