Get data from PixieBrix database

Get a PixieBrix database record

by @pixiebrix

How to Use

Use the Get Data from PixieBrix Database brick to retrieve information from a PixieBrix database. You can add records to PixieBrix databases using either the Put data in PixieBrix database brick or PixieBrix’s Developer API

In addition to choosing a database, this brick takes two input properties:

  • Key: the unique key for the record to lookup
  • Missing Behavior: the behavior if a record with the specified key is not found
    • Error (default): throw an error and stop execution
    • Blank: return a empty record value

The “Blank” missing behavior is useful for annotation and collaboration use cases, where an entry might not yet have been stored for the page/entity.


Name Required Type Description
key string The unique key for the record
service @pixiebrix/api integration
databaseId string The database id
missingKey string Behavior if the key does not exist


Name Required Type Description
No outputs for this brick defined.

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