Mask Sensitive Data On Your Screen

Mask phone, credit card, and social security numbers on a page

by @pixies


How to Use

Mask sensitive data like credit card numbers, phone numbers, and social security numbers so they don't appear on your screen.

Great For:

  • Working in public places
  • Screensharing in work meetings
  • Demos with customers and leads


  • Make sure you have a PixieBrix account! (It's free.)

Activate the Mod

  1. Activate this mod. If you're not logged into PixieBrix or have not previously created a PixieBrix account, you'll be prompted to do so before continuing the activation flow for this mod.

  2. Once you are logged in, click to activate!
    PixieBrix sidebar panel with confirmation for activating

Try it Out

  1. Head to a page that has some sensitive information on it. You can use this wikipedia page about Social Security Numbers.
  2. When the page loads, you'll see any sensitive info replaced with X.
    Wikipedia text that is a social security number format but has X for each number

Endless Possibilities

This is just the beginning! Once you activate your mod, the possibilities are endless. With PixieBrix, you can customize any mod to meet your needs or even build something entirely new. If you run into any trouble and need some friendly support, or if you want to share your creations with the world, join our PixieBrix Slack Community.

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