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Rapid development

No more recompiling or reloading — the point-and-click Page Editor provides instant feedback. PixieBrix comes with hundreds of pre-made bricks to extract, collect, transform, integrate, automate, modify, and display your data and applications. Or, create your own.

Add a starter brick

The actions and enhancements that you build with PixieBrix are called “Mods.” Every PixieBrix mod begins with a starter brick, and there are a variety of starter bricks depending on your use case.

These include Buttons, which embed directly into the webpage and can take on its native look and feel. Context Menus, which appear in the right-click menu. Quick Bars, which you can toggle with a keyboard shortcut. Triggers, which respond to page events like page load, keystrokes, clicks, and more. And the Sidebar Panel, which is exactly how it sounds :)

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Chain bricks together to build a mod

Once you choose a starter brick, you chain bricks together to accomplish whatever you’re trying to do! Bricks can perform a variety of functions, such as Extract data from a page, Collect input from the user, Transform data, Integrate with third-party API services, Store data, Control Flow, and more. Bricks execute sequentially in a brick pipeline, where the output of one brick is the input of another subsequent brick.

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Package, deploy and share

When you’ve finished developing your mod, you can deploy it in just a few clicks — Zero DevOps required. And you can easily create a team account and add users to share mods across teams, where PixieBrix offers Role- and Group-Based Access Control.

To meet enterprise needs, users can authenticate with Okta, Active Directory (AD) or other SAML 2.0 SSO. And the Admin Console provides all the Telemetry and Auditing features you need to manage deployments at scale.

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Go where no other development platform can

PixieBrix Browser Extension technology gives you the power to modify any web interface. Your teams will thank you for not having to learn a new tool.
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Get started in under 10 minutes

Get started with PixieBrix to immediately use our low-code web app mod builder. Explore all the possibilities so you can work better, your way.