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With PixieBrix, you can customize existing applications for the way you work. Our platform offers limitless possibilities to extend the browser interface and create an effective, enjoyable user experience at any scale.
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The PixieBrix difference

PixieBrix gives you the power to securely enhance your apps without disruption and get you faster time-to-value.
“I can improve on and extend the web applications I use every day.”
PixieBrix gives you powerful options to define your own user experience with our versatile integration possibilities.
“I can build on or create any type of interaction or integration that I need."
Our bricks offer limitless options to customize applications, build automations, and make workflows more efficient.
“PixieBrix helps our team work faster, with fewer errors and improved productivity.”
We’re designed to help businesses scale their work faster with easy rollout, data security, and browser safety.

Additional advantages

PixieBrix is a leading choice for customization, whether it’s for personal productivity or for delivering solutions to teams and business use cases.
UI thoughtfulness

Our clean, intuitive interface lets you preview changes on your page as you build, giving you easy prompts for creating. Visit our YouTube channel for demos and more.

Rapid innovation

We come ready with reusable bricks, mods, and no-code features so you’re creating and deploying in no time. Our Marketplace helps you with ideas and quick-start creation.

Community minded

We value our developer community and prioritize exchanging knowledge, releasing frequently, and communicating openly.

“I started using PixieBrix because it’s a flexible solution to transform web content into what the user actually needs. The perfect solution for last-mile delivery of analytics and APIs.”

— Henrik Kühnemann
Co-founder and CEO, Yellownape AB

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