Automation Anywhere Bot Games x PixieBrix: Financial Data and Migrations

PixieBrix and Automation Anywhere Bot Games Collaboration.

Automation Anywhere Bot Games x PixieBrix: Financial Data and Migrations

Back in December of 2022, we partnered with Automation Anywhere to challenge RPA developers to build an automation combining AARI Embedded Extensions and PixieBrix. Let's see how it went.

The challenge

Swivel Chair, Inc. is a fictional company with a very real problem: working with an outdated software platform they’ve been migrating from for over eight years. Tons of financial transactions still rely on this platform — which isn’t getting updated by its vendor anymore — and have to be migrated to a newer tool after they’ve been processed.

Here’s where the automation challenge comes in.

Because Swivel Chair, Inc. has no control over the legacy software, they can’t get a developer to dive into the code and make it work for them. So the challenge is finding an intuitive way for the company’s financial experts to migrate data from the Legacy Application Portal to the Modern Case Management Platform using AARI Embedded Extensions and PixieBrix.

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is an automation platform that helps professionals with technical skills empower teams with AI-powered automations that makes their daily work easier — no matter their skill level.

This low-cost, cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Chat GPT, Genesys, and more.

Automation Anywhere is an example of an RPA (or robotic process automation) solution, which developers can use to automate a wide range of workflows. Compared to other types of automations, RPAs can perform actions that simulate human inputs more closely, which can make them a better choice for some tasks.

What are the Automation Anywhere Bot Games?

The Automation Anywhere Bot Games challenge RPA developers to build automations for specific use cases across a wide range of industries. Past challenges have included:

Want to level up your RPA skills with a community of like-minded developers? Make sure to keep an eye out for the next challenge of the Automation Anywhere Bot Games.

What is PixieBrix?

In this challenge, RPA developers brought together Automation Anywhere’s AARI platform with PixieBrix to automatically migrate financial transactions from legacy software to a more modern platform.

But that’s far from being everything PixieBrix can do.

PixieBrix is a low-code platform anyone can use to build automations, sidebars, and other enhancements in Chrome to customize your online experience, automate workflows, and deploy smoother RPA processes. But you don’t always have to build your own automations. PixieBrix has a marketplace full of pre-built mods you can deploy in minutes — enhancing and automating your work in just a few clicks. Plus, you’ll find a ton of bricks you can put together to create your own automated workflow.

PixieBrix has blueprints for all sorts of tools, including Automation Anywhere, ChatGPT, Google Sheets, and more.

Ready to build your own automations?

Here are just a few examples of mods you’ll find on the PixieBrix marketplace that RPA developers love.

Search Automation Anywhere Docs


When you’re deep in the zone, the last thing you want to do is click through a bunch of tabs because you ran into a problem. With this PixieBrix blueprint, you can quickly open a sidebar that lets you search up solutions without leaving the page you’re working in.

Control Room Activity Panel


Ever wanted to quickly check in on your automations while you’re doing something else? This PixieBrix blueprint will show you the status of your last 10 Automation Anywhere bot run requests in a sidebar, so you can check in from anywhere without switching tabs.

Explain GitHub Repo


When you’re working on improving your software development skills, trying to understand a GitHub repository can be a bit like opening a book in a completely different language. With this PixieBrix blueprint, you’ll get an automated helper that’ll explain what you’re looking at.

OpenAI response in Google Search


Maybe you just want to skip the middleman altogether and get to ChatGPT even faster. After all, when you’re crunching through your latest automation, the last thing you want to have to do is click through a bunch of menus to get the answers you need. That’s exactly what this blueprint is for. ChatGPT answers right in Google Search.

Will you be at the next games?

The Automation Anywhere Bot Games are a great way to connect with your fellow developers, grow your skills, and learn about entirely new use cases and industries. But they’re not the only place you can get that sense of community. PixieBrix’s Slack community is another great place to meet builders just like you, share your ideas, and collaborate. Hope to see you there!