The 10 Best Shopify Chrome Extensions To Transform Your Shopify Store

The 10 Best Shopify Chrome Extensions To Transform Your Shopify Store

Shopify completely changed the game for online retail. It gives everyone the ability to turn what might have been a side hustle on eBay into a legitimate business that can net a respectable full-time income. But the platform’s popularity means there’s a lot of competition for any would-be online retailer, and your success depends on finding ways to outpace them. That’s where Shopify Chrome extensions come in; they automate and streamline essential aspects of running a Shopify store so you can get ahead and stay there.

Here are 10 of the best Shopify Chrome extensions, built for everything from drop shipping to customizing your store.

1) ShopifyMonitor

If your Shopify strategy is built around drop shipping, you need a way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. That’s where ShopifyMonitor comes in. With this Shopify Chrome extension, you can get alerts when new products are added to specific Shopify stores, export product listings as CSV files you can use in your own store, and even look up products on AliExpress.

2) AliScraper

Drop shipping can be tricky. You’re constantly on the lookout for reliable suppliers, watching your profit margins, and putting out fires when shipments don’t make it to their destination. What if you can make the whole process smoother? With AliScraper, you can automate some of the more mind-numbing aspects of this delicate work and focus on tasks that increase your bottom line.

3) Shopify App Detector

Ever visit a Shopify store and wonder why it looks so good? Enter the Shopify App Detector. This Chrome extension will automatically detect the apps and themes a specific store is using. That way, you can start a couple of steps ahead the next time you want to give your Shopify store a facelift.


Market research is an essential part of running any kind of business, and Shopify is no different. Think of PPSPY as a major shortcut for doing this. This Chrome extension will pull product listings from specific stores, help you find and track competitors, and guide you in building a strong Shopify store of your own.

5) Shopify Custom Fields

Customizing your Shopify store isn’t just about making it stand out; it’s about giving potential customers everything they need to make an informed purchase. The Shopify Custom Fields Chrome extension gives you the ability to build custom Shopify themes with fields like file uploads, galleries, blog post references, and more.

6) SellersDash

If you’re a drop shipper, you’re probably constantly jumping back and forth between AliExpress and your Shopify store as you search for great arbitrage opportunities. But what if you could do it all from one place? With SellersDash, you get a custom dashboard that allows you to quickly automate purchases on AliExpress, adjust product details, and set advanced pricing rules.


You’re prowling your drop shipping platform of choice, looking for the best deals, when you spot it. The perfect product for your Shopify store. The search might be over, but now comes the long, manual process of adding the product to your store. With POKY, you can automatically import a product from a range of platforms — from AliExpress to eBay and Wal-Mart — and get back to more important tasks.

8) Shopify Giftcards Maker

Can you think of anything more mind-numbingly boring than manually creating dozens of Shopify gift cards? Instead of copying and pasting gift card codes over and over, try this Chrome extension. You’ll be able to automatically create batches of gift cards and make them a part of your strategy without all the manual work.

9) Koala Inspector

Imagine if you had access to your own private spy; someone you could send out to investigate your competitors and bring back all their hard-earned knowledge and other secrets. That’s what Koala Inspector promises to be for you. See what apps other Shopify stores are using, learn their pricing structure, and find out everything you need to replicate their success.

10) The Shopify extension you build with PixieBrix

Running a Shopify store comes with a ton of little tasks, bits of manual work, and processes that eat up your time. When your store is just one part of your strategy, that can mean you have fewer resources for your other pursuits. Even if Shopify is your primary source of income, don’t you wish less of your time was spent on mind-numbing manual work?

Enter PixieBrix.

PixieBrix is a low-code platform you can use to build browser extensions that automate work, improve productivity, and make your life as a Shopify seller just a bit easier. You can create intelligent overlays that make the tools and websites you use more interactive while streamlining processes and eliminating boring manual work.

Here are just a few examples of Chrome extensions built with PixieBrix:

And that's just a taste of what you can find on the PixieBrix marketplace. Check it out; you might find the Chrome extension that'll completely change the game for your Shopify store.

Selling on Shopify is a game of efficiency, where the most successful sellers are experts at cutting costs and automating everything they can. With the right Chrome extension, you can get ahead of the competition and stay there. And when you add PixieBrix to your toolbox, the sky's the limit.