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AI Copilot

Book Summaries and Action Items

Ask a CEO with AI

Suggest a Similar But Different Startup Idea

Write an email in my style

Explain GitHub Repo

ChatGPT Tweet Generator

Estimate reading time of a page

ChatGPT-3 OOO/WFH Email Assistant

Tip-of-the-Tongue: Reverse Word Lookup with ChatGPT

AI Knowledge Base Lookup

Analyze Sentiment of Text

Ask ChatGPT And Save to GSheets

Summarize Zendesk Case Status

Detect Trust & Safety on Zendesk

BibTex Citation with OpenAI

Check brand guidelines with ChatGPT

Summarize Selected Text with AI

AI Product Launch Kit

Make Responses Friendlier With Help From OpenAI

OpenAI response in Google search

Answer Questions With OpenAI