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Recipe Generator

Video Summarize

Doctor Visit Summary

ChatGPT Sidebar

Text Summarization

Resume Content Builder

choose a movie and a book

Check for pridewashing

AI Copilot

Book Summaries and Action Items

Ask a CEO with AI

Suggest a Similar But Different Startup Idea

Write an email in my style

Explain GitHub Repo

ChatGPT Tweet Generator

Estimate reading time of a page

Tip-of-the-Tongue: Reverse Word Lookup with ChatGPT

AI Knowledge Base Lookup

Analyze Sentiment of Text

Summarize Zendesk Case Status

Detect Trust & Safety on Zendesk

BibTex Citation with OpenAI

Check brand guidelines with ChatGPT

Summarize Selected Text with AI

Make Responses Friendlier With Help From OpenAI

Answer Questions With OpenAI